Chinese scientific science, Jiankui defends & # 39; the first generation generators in the world & # 39;


Chinese scientist, Jiankui speaks at the International World War Two on Human Geometry in Hong KongPhotocopy

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Dr. Professor He has rejected any information on the research not reviewed by peers

A Chinese scientist who says they have created their firstborn legally protected babies to protect it.

Speaking at a genome meeting in Hong Kong, he said he was "proud" of his work. There was another "gap that could be" an embryo modified by a gene in its early stages, he said.

The submissions are not independently authenticated. Many scientists have been convicted of the news, some of them have been convinced; interesting idea.

That work is banned in most countries.

Dr said. Professor He – the University of Southern Science and Technology in Shenzhen – did not know the research project and launch an inquiry.

Earlier Professor earlier this week indicated that he changed the DNA of embryos – relatives – to stop them from getting HIV.

In a video, he says that he killed a gene called CCR5 to make the girls against HIV, should they ever enter the virus.

Other scientists were severely criticized on his bids, and one of them gave the name "amazing".

Hundreds of Chinese scientists called the letter on social media despite the investigation, saying they were "calmly" against that.

"If this is true, this test is very obvious. Generation is self-tested and is still associated with targeted tenants, who can cause genetic problems early and later, such as cancer development , "Professor Julian Savulescu, an ethicalist at Oxford University earlier known to the BBC.

"These exams produce healthy normal children to genital behavioral risks for any necessary benefit."

& # 39; Ordinary and healthy & # 39;

On Wednesday, the Senior Professor spoke to Human Genome Games at Hong Kong University for the first time about his work since being deleted.

He stated that the couple girls – the so-called "Lulu" and "Nana" – were born "normal and healthy", said there were plans to monitor a couple over the past 18 years. ahead.

He explained that eight couples – which were made up of the positive HIV and HIV-negative changes – were voluntarily recorded for the test; one couple left behind.

He said he funded the test alone.

The Professor also stated that the study was carried out to a scientific magazine for review, although he did not name the journal.

  • What's in Crispr?
  • Crispr: human minds and behavioral concerns

The Crispr generation editorial machine does not say that it has not been used to the scientific world, and was first discovered in 2012.

He works by using "molecular scissors" to change the genuine modes of DNA – either cut, replace or hit.

Gene editing can help you to avoid attractive diseases by & # 39; eliminate bad coding or changing difficult rights in recreation.

But experts may be able to; worrying a genome of causing harm not only to the individual but also for future generations who own the same changes.

Many countries, including the UK, have laws. preventing the use of ginoma in recreation for helpful replication in humans.

Scientists can investigate gene cutting of IVF removals, as long as they are immediately destroyed and not used to make a baby.

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