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Concern about the cost of firm & hidden credit advice & # 39;

Gareth Crook and his son Jordan

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Gareth Crook, who looks for his son Jordan, said he does not have time to use a laptop

The reputable system of the benefits system has left its remuneration of Welsh councils, it has been said.

Credit Credit aims to make a simpler application by adding a number of benefits together.

Only 16 out of Wales said 22 advice that the UK government did not; The real cost cover of assisting applicants, such as digital skills that must be submitted.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) said that councils may apply for repayment of additional costs, but councils refused to be the case.

A group who has a & # 39; representing councils, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), and the Welsh local government minister, Julie James, who did not benefit from; going on to work.

Universal Credit must be applied for online, and will include housing benefit, income support and other final payments

At this time, councils can get money for everyone who will help them who needs support with digital skills and budgeting to deal with the new system.

There were 22 Welsh councils estimated that the bill was totally for a & # 39; Give that help over £ 1.2m last year – even after an application from the DWP.

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Anthony Hunt advised that councils face "huge expense"

DWP spokeswoman said he was a general credit in a "force for good" and he works for his / her. Much of all, says that local authorities can "claim for additional costs related to Universal Credit".

But Anthony Hunt, the leader of the Torfaen council and WLGA spokesman, said councils had not been able to succeed in re-inventing "reasonable" assets.

"Covered cost is great – because not just the actual cost of getting Universal Credit, this is the consequence of homeless services, for example," he said.

He asked the UK government to recognize the "huge cost effects" and "return to the board of design".

& # 39; The best possible support & # 39;

Citizens Advice will support people who are from Ghana's charity; applying for General Credit, rather than councils, as part of an agreement with the DWP.

The DWP said he would make sure the most vulnerable people "get the best possible support" to appeal.

But the charity stated that the £ 39m contract did not cover ongoing support costs.

Julie James, Housing Minister and Local Government in Wales, believe that councils and charities will continue to raising additional costs related to Universal Credit.

"In the local authorities in Wales – although they were not as hard as the people who were involved in England, because we are almost protected – they make choices very sad about services for citizens.

"This is another burden on top, for vulnerable citizens who need help."

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