Dashcams catch a smelling meteor through the night sky of Florida (VIDEOS) – RT USA News

A big green meteor was seen lit through the night sky at night in Saturday, in Florida, and several blackmails were used to catch the ball in action.

The skewed star fell up with a voice at around 11:55 pm. EST and witnesses looked at how five or six disappeared, then a bright sparkling up the sky was burned.

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee said that the fireball was built with a weather device that was used electronically in storms. The group said that they were still working to find out where the star had come ashore, though it may have broken up in the air before affecting it.

PLEASE NOTE: NASA finds out where it is as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb that no-one has seen

A number of witnesses evolved to see social media. A meteor is a space rock which has broken asteroid or comedy ripping the Sun and how it enters the Earth's surface it burns up, creating a wild tail that will similar to a hunting star.

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