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Destiny 2 Xur Place | Where is Xur today and what is selling? (12 April)

Xur today You should not be unhappy. While they are there Destiny 2 Location Xur certainly is the beginning of many minds, this is what it is Xur table that languages ​​should travel. Not only do we have the opportunity Getting out of Exotics but coming forward, but any weapon selling today with perk will be delivered to you, which is not too close. So follow the instructions that set out information about today, in April 12, including its location, recording, and even the location t Start time of Xursure that you want to get ahead of the others.

Destiny 2 Xur Place | Where is Xur today? (12 April)

Xur today

Well, where is Xur today? Last week, yes Destiny 2 The place of Xur is Titan, so that we can overtake that man from our lists. Xur would not like to duplicate double. This page goes live immediately before XML arrives, we do not know until starting time has elapsed (see below for information about that) just where it is but it is known which of its five objectives is going. Io, Nessus, Mercury, EDZ, or the Tower will visit. Update it to see where it is!

Destiny 2 Location Xur (12 April): The traveler / tower at the back of his hanging.

Destiny 2 Start time of | When does Xur come today? (12 April)

Now our brains have been finally triggered by daylight savings, and this is now much easier. The Xur start time is based for 10 AM Pacific and 1 East PM in the USA A. For those in the UK, you are looking to reach Xur at 6 PM BST. You will know in detail when the game will insert a game when you see the message “New Adventures Available” only at the time.

Destiny 2 Xur Inventory – What is Xur Selling today? (12 April)

Xur today

As usual, Xur gives players the choice of: one weapon, and an army of arms for each class. But this week is a bit different. That's because each weapon is going to be quite special, because it comes to a roll with a perk per random for players, which is a new update on Tuesday-Tuesday.

  • Leg Armor (Titan): Equestrians (23 Àird Legendary)
  • Leg Armor (Hunter): Lucky Pants (23 Àird Legendary)
  • Army Weapons: Starfire Protocol (23 Àird Legendary)
  • Weapon: The Jade Rabbit (29 Shards Legendary)

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