EU & indirectly & # 39; to mean Brexit without-designing, says DUP Politics

The head of the Democratic Union party has made a case to his / her. Brussels and in Dublin on "non-confidentiality" that could continue to the UK to leave Europe without agreement.

Arlene Foster, who is the party's and # 39; praises Theresa May's government because he is trying to go to; pushing through the Brexit contract, saying that the time for EU leaders to listen to DUP ideas or threatened by risk.

His comments came to London for a flight to Belfast for talks about Brexit by local business people before they meet political leaders, including those from Sinn Féin.

Talk to her & # 39; BBC Radio 4 Today's program if her hard-standing position was on her / her; The end was that Brexit was more likely to be more likely, Foster said: "Well, I could express it by saying, by opposing the Union Europeans and the Republic of Ireland are proof, they are more likely to achieve what they want to avoid. "

She said she would say to May and to stewards in Dublin that should not be broken down, a measure that will ensure that the island of Ireland does not have a sharp border if the UK failed the EU formal trade and security arrangements.

Foster said: "We are revitalizing our challenges facing the backup. His president has a clear mandate to go back to Brussels.

"Brussels has been trying to get a clear demand from the UK government. They are now asking it clear.

"The current is a poisonous support for those living in Northern Ireland and indeed unions throughout the UK because it would mean that the British would have been broken up to mid and long term. "

The DUP leader said that she was inspired by the views of the EU's Brexit headquarters, Michel Barnier, and Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, who both suggest that a short term could be avoided.

"It's important that the sea fishing is a stop," she said.

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