Fun Day Fools & Day – live: How to avoid phranks today

Even the sober defenders are publicly involved in the work of Fools in April.

The British Transport Police (BTP) has banned the eating of new food on trains, fining £ 2,000 for any offenders.

Anyone caught capturing prohibited items: eggs, fish (fresh or fresh), blue cheese, rolls, sharks and sharks will probably be issued with a Criminal Offenses Order. or all the vegetables, and even all the “fast food”.

Inspector Pete Pong (ahem) said: "Stinky food has been a long-standing controversial issue on the UK rail network and I am pleased to be able to respond to public concerns and work. to solve this big problem.

“In the years I had at BTP I've seen a lot of horrors from those who think it is appropriate to open a home made sandwich for others to eat boiled eggs like apples. It's not ok.

“BTP is proud to be an ambitious force, and I hope visitors will welcome this exciting news.” T

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