Gerard Way My Chemical Romance on the Collection: & # 39; I Do not Think So & # 39;

My Chemical ChemistrySplit in 2013 became astonishing for many and has continued hopes among fellowship fans, but in a new interview with The Defender, singer Gerard Way divide the reasons for sharing and thinking about whether they come back to music.

There is a way to show that the sessions for 2010 are Days of danger The table was very clear on issues that came to the end in the # 39; band. "When things are successful and happening well, that is when many people start thinking and that's when you come to a struggle, "said the singer. "Everyone had a wild idea about what MCR should do. So, it was difficult to find out what guidance should be taken next time. You can grab the & # 39; This is a great deal And has it ever been good enough? & # 39; "

The musician continues, "It was not fun to do things longer. I think we've broken out the band out of that device."

A path also aims to change in the surrounding world, especially the time of Barack Obama in the US, as the voice did not have the voice. When asked if the current political situation had been reconsidered on its & # 39; the decision to resign the band, said the singer "What I thought about when the world started to re-invent. It's definitely coming into to my head, but I changed as much as a person. I did not know how to insert it further, I did not know how the band would respond further . But you're right, the world definitely needs something better. "

He continues, "We are definitely getting offers regularly for recycling – it's a crucial thing. It's really nice, it's a lot of people … I'm a & # 39; I'm sorry to play with the people, but I do not think that … "

After I left My Chemical Romance, Way published in 2014 Hesitant Emigrant album alone. In the years since then, he aims to work with comics, and has been involved in the Netflix update on Umbrella Academy series. The route also began to give a few singles late in the year and into this year, with some of the songs to comparing Ray Toro and My Chemical Romance. Although there are currently no plans for re-meeting, Frank Iero has recently been presented by members; bands Meet at least once a year for a barbecue and family time to talk about My Chemical Romance business.

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