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Girl, 17, is injured by a teenage boy on trauma

Police want information after teenage teenagers have been damaged by trauma racism.

The girl, 17, had been traveling to Oldham from the Victoria station in Manchester when a young man attacked a terrible and not-for-profit attack.

One of her mother had arrived before she noticed the teenager when she tried to intervene, a spokeswoman from the Greater Manchester Police said.

A 17-year-old girl was abused by grain on the Manchester tram (Pic: Getty Images)

The boy then made him uncertain and spat on before he left the tram with a group of teenagers he was traveling with at the Newton Heath and Moston stop.

It was said that it was black, around 5ft 6 inch, in the medieval Middle Ages with hair colored to the style.

The police have put a fur on it, under the air.

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The force has now launched a hate crime review following the incident on 30 March shortly after 6.30pm.

Chief Inspector Denise Pye, of the GMP City division of GMP, said: ‘This was an terrible and no impact on a family they liked on Saturday afternoon before they went through a trauma of abuse.

Should people be free to join life without misuse and hatred and we are really dealing with this. The abolition of hate crime will always be a key priority in that our communities are poorly tolerated.

Are our researchers are currently supporting the victims at this very difficult time and our investigation is moving forward at a pace. There are ongoing statistical investigations and officers are working with Metrolink to secure high quality CCTV.

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Gus We work to provide images of people we want to talk to as part of our questions and would apply directly to the person responsible for communication. We would also encourage anyone who is traveling at the time to contact the police.

We know that many people have seen this invasion and we are grateful to those who have tried to make the transition and to record the records for us. We would urge these people and anyone else with information or pictures of the event to contact us as soon as possible.

Anyone who is aware of the telephone call to police on 0161 856 6460 should give a number of events from 30/01/2019.

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