GOG.com completes a Medium Pack program

The CD Projekt & # 39; s GOG.com digital broadcasting platform appears to have been experiencing financial difficulties, and customers do not appear to be able to; Trying to balance the books: lose its Pack Price Price program.

Since its launch as Old Old Games in 2008, GOG.com has been working as a pro-user distribution platform with features that include a warrant on digital copyright management constraints (DRM ) and generous repayment policy. In 2014, the company launched its suspended regional price system; Even though every game would cost just about what country you are in; live or what money you use – a useful way to cut the green market for keys purchased in one country and sell it somewhere the titles are even more expensive.

In support of that scheme, the company promised to make the difference in its own pocket to make sure that developers or customers did not leave it; holding a bag. Over time, this was the Pack Price Package (FPP) program: regional prices have been implemented, but where prices are higher than the North American version, the difference was made on back to buyers in a current tendering form of tender now; going away. & # 39;In real numbers,& Nbsp; company definition in statement of & # 39; case, & # 39;In general, we will deliver 12 per cent of our customer price and game from our own pocket. In some cases, this number can be as high as 37 per cent.

& # 39;In the meantime, we can pay the extra costs from our cutting and we still have to pay it. turn a small profit. Unfortunately, this is not true. With a larger share that will be paid to developers, our cut will be smaller. However, we look at it, at the end of the day we are a source and we need to make sure we sell lost games. It is not a decision that we make lightly; to remove FPP, but by & # 39; making this change, we will be able to offer better settings for game creators, which will allow us to offer classic games and new answers. Every free DRM.& # 39;

It is to remove the FPP program to & # 39; verify that financial problems appear in a & # 39; company, which followed GOG.com around ten percent of staff earlier this month – a move that the company said it was part of an ongoing re-structuring program all year round, but formerly staffed as a result of the truth & # 39;income can not keep pace with growth& # 39; and that a & # 39; company has been & # 39;dangerous in the redFor months.

GOG.com also looks at additional emphasis from competitors: When the service was launched on the double hooks of classic outdoors and free DRM policy, it was almost half in the room; business; however, the move to three-page titles is placed in a direct competition with the Steam Valve platform. Now, developers have the option of earning up 90% of the income on Itch.io independent, 88% of the income on an Epic digital broadcasting service that was recently launched, a 70% rate rises to 80 per cent when Steam's specific sales targets are met, or 70 per cent cover on GOG.com – even if its company has a " offers cash advances, under the terms of royalty payments reduced to 60 per cent until the prepayment is repaid and returned to the original 70%.

The FPP program is to be closed on 31 March, GOG.com is consolidated, with its funded funds; ends one year later unless it is given.

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