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Health Martin Kemp: The doctor had two brain diseases – what are the symptoms?

Martin Kemp, 57, is best known as the Bass in Spandau Ballet and for being represented on Steve Owen in Eastenders. Working in TV and music for over 40 years, Martin has had a successful and long-standing career, despite suffering from two brain diseases in 1995. Showing Piers Life Stories In 2014, Martin announced that his wife Sirlie had found the first bump. the head. He then said that he had found the bump had grown considerably in filming for a television exhibition in Vancouver shortly afterwards.

"The most unusual thing you could hear was it and it wasn't easy as to have a box, this was part of a hard scalp," said Martin.

The old Eastender sought medical attention where it was found not only to have a bump on the outside of his head, but also on the inside that was growing in the center of the house. is one of his ancestors.

"They hadn't grown this woman out, they wouldn't have found the one in the middle until it was too late, and it was the man who would kill them," said Martin to Piers Morgan.

Martin went through an eight-hour forced job and had to stay in hospital for several weeks afterwards.

After surgery, he had a metal plate placed over his brain under his skin.

Martin's boots are described as infertile brain tissues, as they do not have cancer.

But in spite of its name, the vitality of the fertile brain can still be life-threatening.

Symptoms of the infertile body include new, consecutive headings, seizures, persistent arrest, vomiting and perturbation, mental change or behavior, and weakness, paralysis, vision problems or speech.

This type of brain pressure is likely to become very slow, compared to faster faster cancer conditions.

Unlike chronic cancer conditions, non-cancer brain shoes live in one place and cannot be spread.

They do not usually return to them if all the keys are safely removed during an operation.

Lack of brain failure, at the same time, is also known as the body of the severe brain or brain cancer.

Symptoms of the brain cancer include headaches, flies, feelings of illness or regular exposure, memory problems or changes in personality and weakness, vision or speech problems becoming more pronounced. worst.

Breast cancer can be cured if taken early, but often it can lead to illnesses and sometimes can not be removed.

“See your GP if you have symptoms of the brain not going away. It's unlikely that it's a shoe, but it's better to be sure, ”the NHS said.

As a result of his poor condition, Martin now suffers from side effects, including epilepsy and dyslexia.

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