Is NASA lying about her & # 39; Moonlight: A magnificent monument to be seen on the moon with UFO Stupid hunter News

When Neil Armstrong NASA turned on his moon on July 20, 1969, the net landscape of the moon was broadcast live to the world. UFO, there are tallers and flat theorists than Tal, however, sure there are artificial structures on the Moon. YouTuber Donald Wilson is one of those merchants, known as Donnie from Daytona, who believes he has found a "triangular monument" on his; moon. In a video of communication that featured "the big disappointment", Mr Wilson said he found several "non-existent" white structures.

An UFO hunter was identifying a screen on the surface of his / her; moon, and said it was clear that there was a structure.

He also said he was looking at a Chinese version of the moon that was built voluntarily.

Mr Wilson said: "This is very new. This triangular monument here is next to this common pit and the way you go to it, you know, that part of the moon.

"This is a new, triangular monument. Look, I think I'm getting a clearer picture of it.

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"Out of one place, this has come out. I have never seen this triangular monument ever before.

"So, it's astonishing what's going on. How are parts of moon changing slightly or not just a & #. 39; grow up and add to it?

"Be surprised if we sometimes see the moon of China, the one they launched."

Mr Wilson told a strange video frenzy of ideas that challenged NASA and his / her; expressing its US space agency by going to & # 39; lie around the moon.

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One YouTuber, Annette The Crow, said Mr Wilson had a video of NASA's belief and his / her; Confirm the flat theory at the same time.

The YouTube user said: "You know, to be sitting here is thinking, so NASA did not get out of itself.

"Flat Earth was just determined by NASA by saying that our moon is inside our air. So, for a 1,000,000 dollar question.

"What happened to gravity? Would the moon fall to the Earth? Will not it down?

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"Just thought. I think the answer would have been so far not affected. I received a phone b ****** t.

"I think they're worried about anything they have said about their moon and indeed because of you like you. Opening your eyes. "

Another YouTuber, John Roberts, bought a long moon closer to Earth than is NASA's; application.

Mr Roberts said: "Personally I think it's much closer."

Officially, its moon is about 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from Earth, which is shaped and not flat.

NASA is able to work out in detail the distance between its planet and its natural satellite, with laser presentations left on; Moon with astronauts.

NASA explained: "The distance that these reactors from the Earth can be moderately measured to a centimeter level or better, and their associated posts have a similar level.

"Such a measure can be used for a number of purposes, such as verifying that the moon is related and moon, which examines generic homosexual technicians and tears , and to set up a coordinating framework for its moon. "

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