Jeremy Corbyn: The Labor Party will support the Brexit referendum

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Jeremy Corbyn commented that the Labor Party will return another EU referendum after his / her. defeat the other Brexit plan again in the Commons.

But the Labor head said that he will also continue to "other options available" a & # 39; including a general election.

John McDonnell said that the party would change to referendum when the "powerful vote" on Theresa May's affairs returned to the Parliament.

The shadow chancellor also told the ITV Peston exhibition that he would vote for living.

It came when the MP MPs supported the Theresa May's Brexit strategy – just after making a series of hymns.

The PM also opposed the Brexiteer issue, after voting 20 of the BP Outcome against proposals, with government support, to delay UK leavers on 29 March if there is sufficient position.

323 votes to 240 were fulfilled with Labor's Brexit recommendations – which would be the UK's presence; joining EU customs union – the highest level than the last time MPs vote.

Mr Corbyn confirmed to MPs Monday that he would return another public vote if such a case was done – but he has been talking to many of the back-wing MPs ; supporting another referendum to get behind.

A number of the nine MPs left the Labor Party last week to go to # 39; Creating The Independent Group also supports the campaign called "Vote People".

After a Wednesday vote, Mr Corbyn said: "We will be returning a public vote to prevent Brexit of Destructive Destruction or any amazing result.

"We will continue to continue for the other options available to prevent these products, which include a close economic relationship based on the other plan that is incredible or general election. "

Secretary of State Shadow Brexit, Sir Keir Starmer, said that the Labor Party "will be forwarded or supported by a change that supports a public vote to prevent a breach Tory ".

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The messenger minister, Owen Mac a 'Ghobhainn, who was long chairman of Mr Corbyn, said: "Now that the Labor draft of Brexit has been rejected by the Parliament, I'm expecting Jeremy Corbyn throwing his full goal behind the campaign for a public vote. "

Labor MP David Lammy, who is an advocate for the Best Britain campaign for a referendum, said: "It is clear today that there is not a majority in the House for the May agreement but also that the plan can not Other Labor is to give them a majority.

"In the main votes ahead of us we need to expand Article 50 to bring a big unbundled off the table and use that time to return this decision to the people to co- make a decision on dealing with the government's Brexit booth or currently living in a European Union. "

But Labor Minister Caroline Flint said the referendum party should not be backed up despite the loss of Mr Corbyn.

She said: "I think British people want us to proceed with this and a contract settlement that works."

She said Labor's leadership should "get involved in settlement, to use the leverage you got, to get a better deal".

Issues and judgments

MPs refused to move SNP also saying that the UK should not leave the EU without agreement "under any circumstances" – with 324 votes to 288.

Political change of Labor MP Yvette Cooper, which the government supported, received a 502 vote support to 20, with a small group of Tory Knippers who voted against.

Amongst the change, Ms.'s commitment was to give MP a vote in relation to his / her. Abolition of a Brigade if the MP refuses its own business and nothing.

Mrs May announced this policy because she gave her a VP vote to her; contract by 12 March – just 17 days before leaving the UK in the EU.

The move was designed to prevent the loss when MP BP changed Ms Cooper.

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Media permissionThe most recent commentary of Theresa May exerted Brexit, and what could happen now?

Ms Cooper did not change her, because she wanted to keep her prime minister – although the government says he accepted the recommendation.

The Conservative Parliament Alberto Costa has changed, attempting to defend and defend the rights of the UK citizen, even though Brexit has agreed, the House has not taken a vote, after the government has supported him.

Mr Costa said he still had to resign his position as Secretary of the Secretary of State, David Mundell, because of a consensus that government members can not make changes to governmental movements.

MP Conservative Caroline Spelman decided to make the amendment – asking the PM's commitment to vote to MP regarding the abolition of the Law to be legally binding – to vote, following a promise made by the government.

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