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LG says he does not launch a mobile phone

The first lot of mobile phone phones is near, with Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others expect them to go. showing tools this month. But the only company I would expect to come with them – LG – says he will sit here.

Although LG is the only company that has provided us with accessible messages, tell tellers it's "too early" to make a phone.

This is what Brian Kwon, LG television and television television leader, told in a news conference in Seoul, as reported The Times Times:

"During Consumer Consumer's Factory in January, LG introduced accessible television. This technological technology is one step ahead of technology that is impossible. We have reviewed and released phoning when a 5G tweed phone is launched but we decided not to take it forward, "said Kwon.

"It is expected that a market demand for smartphones will be around 1 million but LG's key role in a smartphone will be to re-market its position. Looking at this situation, LG is too early to have a smart smartphone launch. In terms of technology, we are ready to respond according to the concepts of customers, (to pongable smartphones). "

No well It is clear from those translating statements that LG still has even developed a mobile phone, or just launches one to launch one because the demand is not there , but it seems that it is not like those. It is quite clear that jersey tools are still in the early stages, with little consensus on the best formal factor – it is reported that TCL is trying to make five designs different! – and many questions without answering how practicable they are in the real world.

And although LG has been installing petitioned petition applications for years for now, maybe that a & # 39; The company initially focuses on the traditional smartphones, where it is not just the sale of tools for adopters early. LG has made Kwon become the head of the mobile department that was struggling together just this November, in an effort to make it happen. convert business.

Speaking on LG's classic smartphones, has two new lanes; company coming up quickly. The Times Times says that LG has now been officially confirmed that the 550 ThinQ and LG G8 ThinQ will be able to publish 5G at a Mobile World Congress newsletters later on and off; this month, with the V50 service between March and April.

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