Live radio show, a TV channel and a start time from Sakhir

Charles Leclerc at FERRARI is going to take a similar pole in Bahrain.

The 21-year-old who made Sebastien Vettel is now in his second place and Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas got the third and fourth place for Mercedes.

    Valtteri won the first race of the season in Australia - first prize from Abu Dhabi 2017  t

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Valtteri won the first race of the season in Australia – first prize from Abu Dhabi 2017 t

When is the Grand Prix Bahrain?

The Grand Prix Bahrain will be on Sunday, 31 March.

The race starts at 4.10pm, UK time – 7.10pm in Sakhir.

Who is in a pole position?

Patent position: Charles Leclerc

2nd: Sebastian Vettel

3rd: Lewis Hamilton

What TV channel is it and can I live for free?

The Grand Prix Bahrain will be shown live on Sky Sports F1 and Sky One on Sunday from 2.30pm.

Sky One is included in all Sky and Virgin Media packs, and you don't need Sky Sports subscription to watch it.

Sky and Virgin Media users will be able to live online via computer, tablet and movement.

The first program of Fridays will run from 10.45am, followed by the second Exercise at 2.45pm live only on Sky Sports F1.

Use There will also be three on Saturday Sports F1 from 11.45am.

At the same time, you can accept by accessing Sky One and Sky Sports F1 from 2pm.

Where was the Grand Prix Bahrain held?

This is the 15th time that the Grand Bahrain from the Bahrain Grand Prix, which has come from the Bahrain International Tour, has been held.

The first one was held in 2004, after running a race every year – apart from 2011 in response to complaints in the country.

Two line visits, with 3.3-miles Sakhir Grand Prix Circuit tour are the usual choice.

However, in 2010, the Circuit Endurance was only used to stretch 0.6 miles.

This race will be 57 days.

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