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Lorraine said the guest was saying he was happy to be happy with a big worry

Lorraine's guest looks horrible today when her accident appeared.

Katie has been presented for the Harper Beckham style by Jamie Stevens, a famous hair designer.

She fell through the doors without seeing her new hair – and it seemed very strange.

Christine Lampard said: "Woe to look at you. That's great. Take a seat so I'll get a right look. Oh Katie I love it."

Jamie argued that he had been "very fast" and that Katie had been "a" hit "length & # 39; The fishing was happening.

She was surprised by her Harper Beckham every

Katie showed herself in the mirror

The time was for the big opening and Katie looked awesome when she was in a hurry. kept a mirror up and saw her long long glasses away.

"Oh," she said. "Oh, I'm spoiled."

She tried to hide her, she said: "It's true fish."

Jamie Stevens's famous style photographers gave her a " chop

It was a great change in style

Casualties in the studio as hairdresser, James, found if the answer was "good or bad".

Christine's reporter quickly added him: "Do you like Katie?"

Katie argued she was a supporter, but then made an amazing comparison.

Jamie explained his thinking

Compared her to her new hair to make her face

She said: Yeah, I do that. I feel it's a wig; there. "

I'm not sure what that does, Jamie asked: "Is that fond or not?"

Katie replied: "I suppose it's a praise, you're all."

Spectators Lorraine came to Twitter to say she was clearly not a big fan.

One observer said: "A classic example of how to make sure that you're happy with your hair to the" "hairdresser when you are really suffering"

Another man said: "Is that woman just for breaking down in tears!"

A third said: "Translation really ….." yes, I really enjoyed "=" what f ** k did you do to me … …. "

A fourth verse said: "How do you like bobkykyky?" Yeah, yeah "(translation: I HATE it)"

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