More than ten games are hosted at the 2018 Games Awards


IMG Game Awards

This is the fifth edition of The Game Awards this year and its focus is making it bigger and better. The event organizers are planning to do this by expanding the reach of the display across many digital platforms, and bringing back the live orchestra and allowing new methods of voting and interaction. Not all that, however.

In a short promo video posted on Twitter account Geoff Keighley, the guests showed one and more modern games than ever mentioned at the show. His tweet was much more detailed and more than ten games are expected. Check the full fragment in the tweet below:

In September, Keighley photographed his own Twitter account by Reggie Fils Aimé at Nintendo and the famous Wolfgang Puck cook. Indeed, because Reggie had a shirt with the Metroid logo at the time, this deceit Metroid Prime 4 featured at this year's Game Awards. It is expected that the event will take place on 6 December.

If you are not lost, make sure you check the full list of applications. Octopath Traveler Three-prize-ups and is expected to bring Nintendo the best family game award.

Do you think Metroid Prime 4 could be one of these "new" games that have been named, or even on display? What answers do you want to hear another Switch? Tell us below.

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