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Pi tree is open to its # 39; The first Main Street store in Cambridge

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Pi-zoo trees

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The Raspberry Pi Computing Company is opening its & # 39; first source, in Cambridge

The team is behind the pyramus pyramid computer that opens its & # 39; The first high street store in the village where it was created.

In a move by moving online, open to & # 39; company "experimental place" in Cambridge.

The company also now offers a new starting machine of parts – to go with it; a small computer that you enjoy.

The founder of Eben Upton said he hoped that his "brand" shop would be "amazing" about the brand.

Pi-zoo trees

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An official keyboard and mouse sold at the store will be part of a start-up program for programs

The store will open in the Grand Arcade shopping center in Cambridge on Thursday.

It will provide products and advice on the use of their favorite, computerized; measure 3.4in by 2.1in (8.6cm by 5.3cm) and is designed to encourage people to try coding and programming.

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Pi-zoo trees

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Their shop will be & # 39; offers software as well as a startup tool for new Moonbird users

It was the computer that was; in the founding of the Founding Pi Pi, which was established by a group of scientists in Cambridge in 2006.

Pirates – which are similar to a parrot with open clubs and teams – was launched in 2012, especially as an educational tool for programs.

He has now sold 25 million units all over the world and is still the best computer in Britain.

Pi Pirabus Foundation

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Pi's models have had to find their own tools, including mouse and keyboard

Mr Upton, chief executive of Trading Trading PiFberry, said the resource would provide a "loyal and vocational community" another way of interacting with its. company and its products.

"There is always a danger that you get unhappy about your customers, but we have a physical resource for people who love Pi-dolphin, to be know him, "he said.

The all-in-one single boot machine includes mouse, keyboard and cable.

Mr Upton said everything was "in addition to the television".

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