President Lionel Messi: Lyon Aulas are taking forward the Barcelona star by Cristiano Ronaldo Football | Sport

Without opinion on president Ligue 1, Jean-Michel Aulas.

Barcelona is currently on the course of the La Liga title, which means that the European League will have more emphasis on this season.

They play Lyon on & # 39; The first first leg was 16 on Tuesday.

Messi has all eyes because he looks at & # 39; Guiding the Catalanans to the award of their sixth English League.

The Argentine has managed three goals in four matches against the French club so far and it will Looking forward to running it on Tuesday.

But Lyon's president, Aulas have said that Messi has never had the best to face, may come back for doing so.

In an interview with Le Figaro newspaper, the president said that Messi had not been "inspired" when he was trying to prove himself.

When asked who was the best opponent of Lyon, Messi Ronaldo's rival gave the criteria.

"Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United in 2004," he said.

"We took 2-0 at half-time and after he went back to himself alone, delayed, he was a rocket.

"We watched boys like [David] Beckham, Messi, although the Argentinian was not strongly encouraged.

"We hope it will last. Maybe it's flu, it would be fine."

Aulas also published the same for Real Madrid's president, Florentino Perez, saying that he has ever seen the "most spectacular" operator and his "veracity, education and beauty" is stand out

Lyon's headteacher, Bruno Genesio, has shown his plan to keep his or her five-year-old Ballon winner.

"Messi's opposition plan will be very common, where we all have to respond," he said to Le Progres.

"We need to strengthen the field and the weight around Messi.

"If you make an individual signal to a similar man, at any time it will make a difference."

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