PUBG brings Game of the Year Awards Steam for 2018 home

The third annual Steam Awards have been vaccinated earlier today, with Player Player Battlegrounds bringing home the prize for Game of the Year 2018.

The prizes show that they have been moved in about 17 minutes and they did not have any hospitality or any traditional event of a business event, Choosing plants for herbs and voice shifts for nominating nominees and winners.

Back in December, Valve asked on her & # 39; community to vote for its main games in a variety of areas, including a game of the year, the best player, the year's VR game, the best environment and more.

It makes sense Player Player Battlegrounds They won the game of the year, and thought it was in the games that were played; marketed for 2018.

The list of bugs is listed below:

  • Game of the Year: Player Player Battlegrounds
  • VR of the Year Game: Elder V Scrollings: Skyrim VR
  • Labor about love: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Best Environment:Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Friends prefer: Tom Clancy Bogha-bog Siege
  • The Best Other History: Odyssey Creass Assassin
  • As fun with a machine: League Rocket
  • Best Director: CD Projekt Red

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