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Cancerous cells are those who have the ability to rule their own growth. They will not die more over time, but instead they will control them without control and they can be spread to other materials. In a new paper, published in Borders in Oncology, researchers say they found a special type of cancer cells that are more dangerous than others, and may be at the beginning of the spread of cancer and its; grow.

They are called "oral cancer cells" and represent 0.2 percent of the total number of cancer cells. The team believes they are a unique sub-talk due to the vibrant image: they are have a lot of larger power in their mitochondria, they have a greater degree of excess, and are more likely to create tumor. For these reasons, the team is aiming at their fingers as the face dyed cell cells that begin with and; tumors spread.

"If we ask where these cells come, the evidence shows that they are coming from independent cells," said co-author Professor Federica Sotgia, from Salford University, in a statement. "They showed signs of independence but they are no longer older, they have broken out of independence."

In powerful cancer cells, there was a special bio-martyrist of p21-WAF antibiotics about 17 times higher than in other cancer cells. Not only do these cancer cells eliminate the natural visit of cell death, but they have also got a way to make it better. The team describing powerful cancer cell activity is a breaking jail.

"In other words, this original cell will break out of the line and run amok, multiply strange cells and create a tumor," said the author Professor Michael Lisanti, also at Salford University. "It's a sense of feeling that the proverbial servant finds in grass steel, and it is essential to give us a new window of cancer and how we can stop it. "

The team believes that this detection can lead to a variety of cancer cures that focus directly on these cells and, doing so, stopping the creation of cancer-spread cancer from the original site. This is a cause of death for many people with cancer.

Cancer is the second major cause of death all over the world. The World Health Organization estimates one out of six deaths as a result of cancer, with an estimated around 9.6 million worldwide in 2018.

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