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I Having spent the last 30-year years that has gone to her; try to understand and find the best solution for insomnia. After talking to thousands of patients and research partners, I know that you can not sleep when you need, and when you want, one of the experiences most difficult human.

So, three main issues. What is insomnia just about? How does it come from? Can it be handled? Whether you use the insomnia phrase or not, I expect you to know what I mean. It is a problem in insomnia to have a & # 39; going to sleep and / or sleep in bed, spend three or more nights per week, for at least three months. Indeed, in my clinics, the normal time in insomnia is more than five to 10 years.

Not only does insomnia be in trouble during the night, it also causes major shortcomings throughout the day. It is part of the definition of euslamia disorder that causes sleepy sleep; affecting energy, badly problematic, or badly turned through the day. Everything looks harder … and our friends and families, also, our work colleagues, can also see these effects. It's a bad day that's those effects; insomnia that drives people to do; seek help because they wake up after a bad night.

In fact, my patients have a feeling that the edge has been taken off their lives. Often they feel that their problem is not well understood, or even there is a doubt, a & # 39; including those in medical professionals. So, they must be learning to stay with them. Historically, it is considered to be a proper illness.

Well, I can not go beyond the truth, and I'm happy to say that the tide is full; turned. Scientists have found that patients with diabetes are twice more likely to have a serious illness to develop mental illness, and have a greater vulnerability in type 2 diabetes and have a & # 39; prevent them. Sustainable patient is not important.

Sleep is just as a result of "something else"; it is also a cause for illness. As far as I am aware, there are only four things that need to maintain life – air, water, food and sleep. This is true for almost all genres. Can you think that there are not enough or poor enough oxygen, water or food supply? Would that be a cause for major health problems?

We should not stop sleeping as it would be a lifestyle option, or something to do if we have time in our busy timescales. It is a power that sustains life; in sleep; and there is a lack of sleep, at least we're forgetting that we are doing it; forgetting to provide enough sleep in our lives, or with sleep disorders.

How will the insomnia come?

This is a complex issue, and much research is going on in this area. Let me look at some of the things we got out.

It is not unusual to have a poor night of sleep. Indeed, it is a generous knowledge; especially at times of weight. But sleep is also a healer. Sleep helps to & # 39; Managing our feelings, reinforcing our learning, & # 39; Developing our protection responses and physically recovering. So, for most people, short-term anxiety is just like that; temporary. In fact, it can be a struggle – being a new child at home, dealing with health, death, or change in personal, financial or professional circumstances. But there is sleep to help us to deal with, as well as sometimes at & # 39; tackle the problems. How often are people saying to me: "If I can only sleep, I think I can manage it."

Abnormal disorder may grow out of short-term insomnia. Pressure can be a starting point, but people usually get normal sleeping after a while. The problem is not the cause of persistent insomnia. Instead, a hard-breaking journey where sleeping is a real goal. We'll go to bed. think we're sleeping; fear we can not. We have a hidden and & # 39; Think about getting awakened and a & # 39; trying to sleep. We will count the hours and the minutes; we left if we do not sleep as soon as We are worried about the effects that we have; not to sleep … and this is a self-evident testimony of prophecy. Sound sound?

Importantly, there are no good feet that are how they are doing it. They never had to learn. They sleep as they go to; breathe – not to think of her; case ever. They only follow the biology – a & # 39; get into a pattern of falling into sleep and a & # 39; to sleep asleep asleep. This is important. People who have been developing continuous insomnia have evolved as tightrope walkers. Try to travel out on the challenges in sleep and watch; always vulnerable to going on.

People with anxiety grow more likely to bed and bedrooms because they are in a hurry. trying to walk a line. For good standing, there is nothing else from their minds. They are not do anything. They let sleep to be a king.

Once insomnia is in a position, becoming dangerous, the only effective cure in mental behavioral cure (CAP) South Westerly

All international authorities and clinical management agree on this. Sleepers are not recommended for more than a few nights, and have no evidence base for long-term use. Although some people make a sensible use of those pills (known as hypnotics) for long periods, the truth they are doing is; make them rarely do they u0026; unresolved solution. In addition, doctors are encouraged to provide more than one order as instructions say that this would not help and cause some problems, such as effects or dependence.

So what's in the CAP? The best way to explain this is to say that the CAP is the antidote on the problem that I explained earlier. The CAP will help to & # 39; Establish biological sleeping rhythm – the right amount of sleep for you and at the right time. The CAP elements of the CAP will help you to build a new sleeper sleep pattern; help you find out what sleep you need; and be responsible for sleeping that even happens when you want to sleep; opened. Very similar to the good sleep, indeed. A bed will be returning to successful spending.

The C in the CAP describes mental; that is the mind. These parts of the CAP will help you to eliminate the racing mind that is an enemy of sleep; help you to stop trying to sleep as it will be fulfilled; help you to take the day to rest long before you come to bed; and help you to use silence and images to draw on an unhealthy focus on sleeping.

As you can see, the CBT does not cure only a collection of remedies; and find the right elements of the most effective CAP for you as part of the cure. Importantly, I want to emphasize that there is only a CAP "seatalan cadal" in the CAP. If someone had a bad problem, we would not say, this is a few ideas to help you to be more advanced. We would seriously put our mental health and give us an evidence-based case. People with misunderstanding are worthy of how good.

Colin Espie is a professor of sleeping medicine at Oxford University. He is one of the leading insomnia experts and Health Health chief executive, a company that created the digital CBT program (web / mobile)

Snooze button SSD approved digital CBT This is an online toolkit designed to help improve adult development; sleep through an interesting behavior method. It was evaluated by the National Institute for Health and Wellbeing Excellence and agreed by the NHS. Users make a simple test, and Sleepio has a & # 39; suggest ways to help. A full CBT program is available for the poorest sleeping, designed for everyone's needs.

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