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A study found by Skrillex, the electronic artist called his dubstep music, is an effective way to protect against mosquitoes.

Insect and disease scientists from all over the world played the electronic music to mosquitoes yellow fever (aedes aegypti) to research the impact.

The team said: "noise and welcome many animals to breed, survive, and sustain people. T

There's music Skrillex & # 39; marked by bubble lines and electronic melodies
Skrillex's music is based on bassoon streams and electronic melodies

“In insects, low frequency starts start to produce sexual interactions, but the sound affects the appearance of signals from significant people. [members of the same species] and guests. "

The Scary and Nice Sprites have a mixture of very high and very low frequencies by Skrillex, and was chosen to find out whether electronic music would be an effective way of returning the insects.

Female “mosquitoes” that “on the frolic” with the song attacked their "host" later and more often than those who were not open to the dubstep, found the search.

"Levels of blood activity were lower when playing music," said the team.

Another result was the insects heard by the route "getting much more often than those who did not listen to it."

The scientists said: "The idea that such music can delay the attack of guests, reduce the incidence of blood donation and disorder through it provide new routes for established protection and personal control t developed music against diseases carried by Aedes. "

The mosquitoes attacked their guests as soon as they heard the way
The mosquitoes attacked their guests as soon as they heard the way

The yellow fever mosquito is commonly found in hotter areas of the world, and has been identified by white markings on its feet.

The insects are famous for spreading diseases that may be life-threatening, such as the zika virus, dengue fever and yellow fever.

In 2010, Skrillex, the true name of Sonny John Moore, and Scons Monsters and Nice Sprites scored the UK record line at 77.

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