Smash Bros. Pranlann Piranha Save files issues that may be attached to the SD cards

Piranha Plant IMG 3

Yesterday, Nintendo of America's statement says that he was not able to confirm the new character of Piranha Plant who was pollute but data in Super Smash Bros. UltimateThis post is the message below:

We are aware that some users are writing about possible issues with the latest upgrade of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After extensive exams, Nintendo could not prove that there is an issue, although we keep up with us; explore and analyze the situation.

It left users who affected this problem to scratch their heads. After some continuous detection work, it seems that the cause of this case would be reduced.

Depending on the Reddit thread, the problem may be linked to selected SD cards, rather than their own game. Follow YouTubeX gameXplain after this, saying it was not 100 per cent, but it was possible What to do with a special SD card card is sad. To be precisely, the final version of the Samsung 256GB EVO Card. Listen to the full definition in the video below:

User reddit Rynoweiss said that this theory was wrong after meeting the same problems with a certified draft of this same chart:

"My card has questions, and it was confirmed that my machine was authenticated by Utility Authentication Utility Samsung, and confirmed that there were no bad blocks that used h2testw."

Here is the obvious confirmation:

Did you encounter this problem? Do you like to be & # 39; play as Piranha Plant? Tell us below.

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