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Sony's new pattern will break the PS5 Backward compatibility

If you think the latest facts are going around this weekend, it is likely that there will be co-ops back; the PS5 attack. Some of the spectators received a new Sony patent from Sony and put the results translated into Reddit, and show that the patent could be used to run software that is capable to run games from hardship legacy such as PS1-4.

Sony Japan has just recorded a new pattern that allows hard-to-face hardship with previous consoles. It is a system that will be used in another machine, PS5, and that is; allows the CPU of the new consulate to be able to "define" the media unit of the previous devices. The author of the development Mark Cerny, the architect who designed the PS4 structure, and the patent, which was registered under the number 2019-503013, and # 39; explain exactly what it is.

The aim is that the applications designed for the previous consoles (legacy tool) will be formally run on the # 39; most powerful hard-working, and aim to eliminate the synchronization errors between the new consoles and the behavior of previous ones (PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX). For example, if a CPU has a new consensus faster than the previous ones, Data may have been written over time, even though they would still be used with another.

If this is correct, and indeed they will add this command to a & # 39; PS5, it would be a big change to Sony, because the company has not allowed a page of titles to be consistent on their terms. It would be a big step for the company to play any game that you belong to you in advance of a consensus. However, it does not really play a lot if you could move your digital library from one consulse to another. Only time tells PS5 is stored.

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