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The Labor Rebellion BP were sending out & # 39; party and creation of a center of Politics

A group of Labor Labor MPs prepares to stop the party and to # 39; Creating a huge movement on the political center is unhappy to grow by Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit and other key issues, including immigrants, foreign policy and climate.

An Spectator has told him with many resources that at least six MPs have been planning plans to let's turn off and leave his party soon. Discussions have also been made up of senior employers about a group that may be much larger than & # 39; Separated at a certain time after Brexit, if Corbyn persuades everything to do to challenge Theresa May's plans to bring the UK out of the EU.

Last night, three MPs said they were involved in the plans for their first time – Angela Nic a ' Smith, Chris Leslie and Luciana Berger – they refused to be drawn out to talk about division, and they did not. arguing that they aimed to resist Brexit. But they did not deny that movement could be made by spring or early summer.

At the same time, Brexit was corrupted last night for a & # 39; playing "unsustainable part" in the decision made by Nissan to " abandoning plans for her X-Trail module to be built at her & # 39; Sunderland 's plant.

According to Sky News, the company will have a & # 39; Determining plans for the new version of the SUV to be built on Monday, just 53 days before the UK expects to leave the EU. Sunderland's Labor Prime MP, Julie Elliott, said: "The ongoing inconsistency, the chaos government. Nothing offsets to support industry investment in this country."

Leslie explained a fact that she had a serious "disappointment" but said: "Patience is currently being tested by many people. I think we have some questions that we need to be in particular, if Labor has enabled Committo. "

Berger said she was focusing on Brexit but her & her; made clear that she, as a parliamentary chairman of his Jewish Labor Movement, becoming increasingly angry when the party failed to grievances about anti-government within the party.

Although the detailed plans for going on, and any published time, are still not understood, it is & # 39; Understand that the MPs behind their movement hope that a Medium Conservative MP and Democratic Liberal Democrats can join them over time, letting a new party be created which advocates voters who do not have to. feel more suited now.

There will be a problem within Labor – and talk about bankruptcy – surrounded by a & # 39; Latest Opinion vote for Spectator Today, which shows an incredible fall of support at the time of disruption and disturbance in the & # 39; Conservative party.

The Labor Force now has seven points behind the Conservatives, with Corġ's approval rating over Breith's handling at a low and worse than those for May.

The Conservatives are 41%, up four points compared to the previous Opinion vote on 16 January, duration & # 39; Labor is six points to 34% despite the problems of the Lords. The survey suggests that a Labor is a # 39; Missing its supporters Welcome to the Conservative Supporters and supporting the Liberal Democrats, who have up to 8% points, as Brexit's decline has been. grow.

May's rate for Brexit is up to a -30% (25% counting against 55% who are unhappy) from -33% fortnight ago. The Corpse of Brexit's level is at -44% (16% versus 6% dissatisfied) down from -40% in a & # 39; previous voting.

There is a problem inside Labor and inaccuracies when he failed to have a stronger fight with Brexit – and the second referendum – has grown after a week in the There were nine depressed ministers among 25 Labor MPs who had taken away any penalty with the guides after they were disturbing three whip lines and refused to change it aimed at delaying Brexit up to nine months. The amendment set by Labor Yvette Cooper was suspended with 321 votes to 298 with the help of Labor rebels.

Many of the Labor MPs who were unable to & # 39; Resident or Brexit lived back that he had been the leader of raiders against the rebels, because Corbyn himself did not commit Brexit to do so.

There is also anger across the party – including within the unions and Momentum; Moving significantly – on the way Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite and the main Corbyn marker, has been running talks with her; May and the prime ministers of Tory hope of security contracts on employee rights and more money for business areas.

Downing Street is hoping that there will be a pawn of games aimed at winning over a Labor MP, including short-term funding for voting constituents in the north, enough to persuade more shelters in accommodation to vote for his / her. case.

Mac a 'Ghobhainn said she was also focuses on Brexit but she was going into the way in which McCluskey was likely to have permission to run a parallel policy on Brexit. "It is difficult that a trade union leader should be close to Jeremy Corbyn to believe that Brexit will help to deal with Theresa May in Downing Street which is completely a & # 39; preventing the TUC and the situation of the Labor parties, "she said.

A union headquarters said that McCluskey was trying to " avoiding a Labor party and TUC policy, which emphasized the merger of customs and close partnership in the & # 39; single market. "History will damage the funeral promises to move the rest of trade union movement and to interfere with the Labor Party's convergence policy," said the union officer.

"He and his relatives in the director's office secretly do not want Brexit to happen, but there is a secret contract behind his move to make it very sorry for them. "

A Labor state said last night that a non-resident party would be rejected by voters. "A new party to safeguard the status quo right will be seen as a foundations. Any ballot that is set up for cuts, corporate control and privatization will be strongly encouraged by the polling bills."

Last week the accident was in the party after he had been in a position; recommends that it would not be against the plan to put plans to complete the freedom of movement to EU citizens – only to be activated in the U version among members. There is also a problem in denying Corbyn to condemn the Venezuelan government, which is led by Nicolás Maduro's socialist president when the country is in a position; going down to a violent chaos. Muro's seats have claimed the breach of human rights after banning opponents against a challenge that caused the widespread opposition of its governing party near unlimited powers at the end of July.

Tomorrow, a new series is expected in the & # 39; party in the treatment of antisemitism, with many MPs, including Berger, trying to find out what progress has been made on investigating the party's objections. Berger asks the party the detailed information within a week.

An Spectator He has also been learning about being angry with her; The first one that was ahead of the Manual on the left of the Labor. Ana Oppenheim, organizer for anti-Brexit anti-breach. Another European is capable, which is also active within pro-Corbyn, Momentum, and propose that any Labor MP should have rejected all of them; they may be able to delete May & # # s; s.

"This is an interesting time on the left," she said. "The Breavit Outcome contract will result in a significant expansion of border controls and we will open ourselves to unforeseen economic unprecedented. If Party Members can not do so to prevent them, they should not They will be a Labor MP. Members have the tools to choose a MP that represents Labor's move, and we will encourage them to use them. "

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