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The live updates confirmed as Emiliano Dead dead after the body found

A & # 39; s group was grown out of its & # 39; a boat missing in the English Channel proved to be Emiliano Sala.

Dorset Police published in late December.

"Mr Sala's families and the David Ibbotson pilot are updated with this news and support from family-related ties with special training will continue. Our ideas will remain with them at this difficult time," he has read.

"Crùner HM will continue to analyze the situation of this death with support from Dorset Police.

"On Monday, 21 January 2019, the two men carrying a plane flew from Nantes to Cardiff when he lost Air Traffic Control, north of Guernsey.

"Unfortunately, it was not possible to search or rescue the aircraft and the two residents. After that, AAIB research teams and private financing were used to the appropriate area. ; the use of specialized equipment created the teams to detect and identify the aircraft and recover Mr Corp's body ".

At Geo III – the vessel used by researchers in the regeneration route – was valued at Portland, Dorset, on Thursday morning, when his body was taken ashore.

The corpse was in the care of Dorset Crunner, with a formal celebration of Wednesday.

The United Kingdom Air Adventures Research Bureau on Wednesday confirmed that the company successfully succeeded in the fact that, folded by plane in "challenging situations", and the work was taken to break the plane apart.

He said: "Unfortunately, the attempts to tackle our road was not successful before bad weather came to bring us the ROV back to the ferry. Introduction of weather was so bad for the future and so the difficult decision was made to close.

"Although it was not possible to recover the plane, it is expected that the extensive video record captured by the ROV will provide valuable evidence for our safety inspection.

"We expect our renewal to be an interim report, and we intend to publish it within one month of the event."

A specialist search vessel was launched by its geo-marine III in Portland

Work started to try to restore her body inside the ruins on Tuesday.

A corpse was found to conceal the plane after a submerged seawater investigation destroyed in the English Channel on Sunday.

It comes from launching two separate underwater investigations to get the air ticket on Sunday, one co-ordinated by the UK Air Conditioning Investigation Branch, and a privately funded research led by Marine Science Mearns , on behalf of the Households.

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