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The price of whales and backs is to be increased due to fever in African fever in China, a British company has warned.

The Beacon supply company said it is likely that prices charged by European suppliers will be waiting for an increase in demand. T

A deadly deadly disease affecting sheep farms in East Asia began last year after its first discovery in China in August.

York-based Beacon said their provider Bidfood has found that, in 2019, German and Dutch suppliers had seen large orders from China.

Package prices rose between February and April with an increase of 18% and an increase in average price of about 38% in the last four weeks.

Another provider, Brakes, suggested that 30-50% of Chinese pig farms were affected by the disease, encouraging an increase in global pig prices.

Ben Charles of Beacon said: "Brexit has been driving hugely behind pork during the first quarter of 2019, but the disease in African fever has been putting pressure on the market. T

“The current request for European suppliers has made it more likely that prices will continue to rise during the rest of the year.

“Beacon will work closely with its key providers to monitor these increases to ensure that demand does not exceed the supply and to significantly reduce price increases; as far as possible. "

The pigs ate when it fell. File pic
China has tried to control the virus. File pic

Analysis of Informatics Information It was expected that whales in western Europe would rise by more than 15%.

This is as a result of China – the world's largest producers, consumer and importer – the fight for the disease.

The company also says that production of jobs in western Europe will rise by 5% and exporters aiming to achieve greater profits.

David Williams, Informa Agribusiness Intelligence global protest director, said: "African swine fever is a revolutionary change to world whale markets. With China at the moment unable to stop the virus, it needs to be generate further results from trading partners.

"If the disease is diagnosed from major producers such as Germany, Denmark and Spain, the West of Europe can expect to be greatly increased from expectation that demand will rise in demand. T Chinese. "

The World Health Organization for Animal Health says that African fever is a real viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs, without agreed vaccine.

He adds that the virus is not a threat to human health and that live or dead pigs can be spread.

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