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The rover of curiosity is scared by NASA, needed to be reinstated

In context: Less than two weeks ago NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars was named dead, leaving Curiosity the only rover that worked at NASA left on; red planet. But this week has a secret problem in establishing NASA guidance for science activities for the time.

The internet was lamenting early in the & # 39; February as NASA declared that their envelope – called the Oppy name – is now working, and the mission was announced after a very successful 14-year Mars.

Every eye is turned into mind, the only rover on the NASA that is left on Mars, for the prospects of continuous exploration of our red neighbor. But this week NASA had to stop the scientific work of Curiosity as long as they were. Try to find out what caused something confidential & # 39; hiccup & # 39; as long as they were start.

In a statement from the Laboratory Jet Propulsion (JPL), NASA declared that "Curiosity" was in a "problem" that it "protected a safeguarding method. "The problem was not live, as the JPL team was able to take the rover out of a safe and successfully repeat the rover over 30 hours since then. But when Opportunity has happened, NASA is easily aware of their next move with Curiosity.

Speaking about the forgotten campaign, Steven Lee, former team manager of the Curiosity team, said: "We are not yet sure of our case and we collect the relevant data for detail -dreaming. "

Lee continued to confirm that they stopped all scientific work to understand what was wrong. He said, "in the short term we limit restrictions to his vehicle to reduce his memory changes. We do not want to destroy any evidence Any of the potential to restart their computer ".

Although the team is committed to continuing to work new searches – a & # 39; including samples from a fascinating, interesting site nearby – if NASA wants to know anywhere near Cothroman, they need to be precise in solving all the problems they come from.

The rover has been data collection and a & # 39; bends around Mars at a faster speed of 0.09 miles (about 4 centimeters per second) for the past seven years. This is hoped that NASA's problem solving can help deliver seven more.

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