The US economy shows that growth has grown. grow to 2.6% in Q4 – live business Business

The details show a decrease in the cost of consumer spending (2.8% against 3.5% in 3Q18), but it is still a contributed greatly. Indeed, because the current market jacket and the official poor sales number for December, this is not a bad result.

Non-residential investment expenditures sold adequate, and # 39; registration recorded a growth of 6.2% despite concerns about what trade shows were there; continues to grow as possible in terms of supply chain and corporate profit.

However, a web trade was dragged (-0.22 percentage points) in part for the same purpose, as businesses were looking to bring goods before the increase in the layout expected in January. The additional tariffs were withdrawn in December because the US indicated that they had been traveling with China on trade, which was later extended by President Trump.

Showing the numbers, the residential residency was poor at -3.5% – the fourth continuous long-term disability & # 39; government spending was just 0.4% and registrations just 0.13 points per cent to growth.

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