This image shows a Dark Side to # 39; moon and earth in the same shot

There is a satellite in which China is currently taking the moon to capture a beautiful picture; show both sides (dark side AKA) of the moon as well as the planet in the background.

The Dwingeloo Radio Review in the Netherlands states that the photograph was taken by a Longjiang-2 satellite on 3 February 2019.

Correction of the color above – this is what shows the image taken without units:

Longjiang-2 succeeded in the first picture of the moon and the whole Earth in one picture after being able to awakening from inspiration – China made the satellite silent silently & # 39; as it was going on the Chang stream on the far side of the moon to & # 39; last month This will not impede essential communication.

(through Dianaeloo Radio Observatory via The Verge)

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