Virgin Media will test 8Gbps broadband

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Virgin Media

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The test was speed tested by the Sam Knows test service

A number of homes in Cambridgeshire have proven broadband speed of 8Gbps, as part of a test by Virgin Media.

At present, there are only eight houses, in the town of Papworth, involved in the lawsuit but Virgin Media is hoping to extend this to 50 over time.

The technology that it uses, an ethernet passive optive network, and # 39; offer the same values ​​for downloading and uploading.

One analyst said it was important that testing networks were to ensure that proofing tools were in the future protection and make sure there was enough capacity.

8Gbps values ​​were equitable to users:

  • download a 5GB screenshot movie in five seconds
  • download a 4k movie high 20GB in 20 seconds
  • download a 99GB video game in less than two minutes
  • upload 300 high-resolution 3GB high resolution photos in three seconds

"With the extent to which our customers' internet use is doubled every year, such tests will ensure we have the ability to meet the future demand of data services – that will be over over cable or full thread, "said Richard Sinclair, Virgin Media's linking executive.

He said the test aimed to be "looking forward" for the next ten years and beyond. "

Frenzy Fiber

The independent telecommunication analyst Paolo Pescatore is not confident that demand for that distance is still good.

"Something of a fiber frenzy has been over and there is a clear argument for updating fiber but people are aware of the difference [between 1Gbps and 5Gbps]? "he asked.

That said, it was important that all providers had been able to test their networks in the future, said Mr Pescatore.

"It's a natural advance for Virgin Media to expand its network and allow more opportunities and speed and this was already the use of infrastructure, so it was not necessary roads were excavated, "he said.

"Providers need to be fond of their inventories."

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How households use more devices, the demand for higher-speed connections is more and more; grow too

At this time, the UK Virgin Media network exceeds 14 million buildings, and using a combination of cable and a needle thread.

Some believe that a company has been criticized for a & # 39; failing the digital divide and targeting its network in more profitable cities and cities, rather than expanding it into rural areas.

Last year, he joined Need4Speed ​​to bring up very fast services to 4,000 buildings in the Test Valley, in Hampshire, but has ensured that it does not appear to reach rural areas.

Rival BT, who is responsible for the old copper network, has to transport many of its broadband connections from street cabinets to consumer homes, bringing full-length connections to three million homes by 2020. Of these, there are 70,000 in rural areas.

In February last year, a fast-growing fiber company, a test speed up to 10Gbps was home in the east of London, and says it's the fastest in the UK. already using a network rather than a special line.

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