When ICE 21 Savage was arrested and arrested, his audience sent for listening as he did; They learn about the ability to kill it. The rapper of the British history was surprised and a large part of the online debate on its immigrant status focused on its nationality.

The fragile situation with memes that was shared with a public was ashamed as well as a couple of famous people. Chris Brown started on the funny train and eventually went into an outlook for heat surgery with Offset over the joke. Savage 21 has finally talked about this part of the event in an interview with The New York TimesNaturally, the meme independent situation considers the extent of its immigrant case. "It's the worst thing," he said. "That's why he has always been trying to correct."

Jeff Kravitz / AMA2018 / FilmMagic

"It's not about meme, it's about the bigger picture," said Savage. "But I've been doing things worse than my life than someone," said he. "It was burned me – what's in meme? It's not meme air anything. That's something on the internet I can do this way [turns over phone] and he will not see it again. I look at pearut trips every day, so it seems, inside meme, "

Being cared for when dealing with a "legitimate doubt" imposed a tax on her psyche. "We're going to take you in prison and we will make you fight for a slower case that you can fight until you just want to go home," he said. "No one wants to sit in prison, especially if their money does not have to fight and have not been in court in three months. "