Air companies after the second system were installed in a week

(Reuters) – US airplane was back and running on Monday after a disruption to the system delayed hundreds of airplanes and posted customer complaints on social media, second time in a week.

Federal Aviation Administration said the program provided by Scottsdale, AeroData Inc based in Arizona, created the basis of the problem airlines will help to measure and control weight and balance.

The group then shared a statement about 8.30 a.m. ET, saying the matter has been resolved and the FAA spokesperson said they were going to look in to the cost.

The American Airlines, Airlines Airways and Delta Air Lines had reported that they had died out. United Airlines said it was not possible to create paperwork for a period of time.

"The problem of a third-party short technology problem has been solved by some of the journeys made by Delta this time," said Delta.

Other companies also reported a series of delay.

Southwest Airlines were the first transporters to tell how the problem was solved and passengers could move quickly, but they said customers could be delayed. taking.

A South West spokesperson cannot prove how many trips it has been back, but he said it was safe to say hundreds.

FlightAware, the airline website, said Southwest had delayed 775 times, or 18 per cent of its flights on Monday.

American Airlines, JetBlue Airways Corp, United Airlines and other transporters said afterwards that the technical case had been resolved. JetBlue said he was still dealing with delays, but United said there were delays to 150 flights.

Last week, a number of airlines commented on issues with the Saber Corps booking and maintenance system as passengers were able to get into flight systems.


Only a few minutes of non-systems time in AeroData may result in over 100 flights and revenue losses, depending on a case study of VMware in 2017. t

AeroData could not be arrived at immediately to express its views.

Buyers advertised Twitter with their complaints about airport uncertainty and delay visits.

One South West traveler said they were waiting on the tarmac in a Dallas plane for 90 minutes after his flight back to New Orleans. The airline said that after re-starting the systems, the journey would come to 8.05 a.m.

"@SouthwestAir, I get the baton, but if you can upgrade your flight status times to current status to help passengers get upset when running flights when you don't. the plane is not waiting at the gate yet, it is about 10m, "traveler posted."

"My only pet number is traveling? I am not updating an air travel like you are when you know your trip is delayed. How difficult & # 39 – if this is right to get @AmericanAir? "said another traveler.

Other passengers report long spells at airports and missed links.

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