Alex Smith injured: Washington should sign Colin Kaepernick


There are two telephones that Washington needs to do before Sunday night. The first one should go to doctor Alex Smith to look at the health of his / her doctor; quarterback, which broke the Tibia and its fiber against the Texans. The second should go to the representatives of Colin Kaepernick.

At 6-4 and in the NFC East, where nine winners could be successful in getting into the playoffs, Washington needs to get rid of the best available quarterback that is unavailable. The trading date has passed and it is unreasonable to accept that the team can win Colt McCoy to start for his / her. rest of the season. There is only one option left.

Yes, Kaepernick is worried about the NFL, and for the person who would be enough to refuse to go back to the league. But Eric Reid is also attacking the league and he is working hard with the Painters.

McCANN: How would Colin Kaepernick Record the NFL Team on his Conversation Complaints?

McCoy 7-18 long-term as a starting point with 27 touchdowns and 23 invasion of his name. He has been a supporter for three teams since his retirement in Cleveland six years ago and he has done well to bring Washington back into the game against Houston, but that is his end.

Kaepernick is a long-term 28-30 start-up (which includes 1-10 on that great 2016 team) with 72 shows to 30 pounds. When we saw it in 2016, it was thwarting just 1.2% of its cards; Despite the whole team in a bad state. Tell what you do about its skills – and it's been weird ago as it was used to run and deliver both the face e-but there's no football because he does not play in the NFL.

Then he thought that the Lions were just Nathan Peterman to work normally. The only statistically speaking Nathan Peterman is the worst backdrop in the NFL history. The only Nathan Peterman we all started to feel sorry before Buffalo tricked him behind the shed and sent him to the quarterback farm up the road.

Yes, Kaepernick had to come in and learn the crime. Indeed, the team had to switch to Kaepernick as well, and that's a difficult problem with Matt Cavanaugh's attack co-ordinator about Thanksgiving. But that needed to need one season (to a certain extent) a & # 39; come into this situation, from Kaepernick to Peterman.

But there are three questions that stand in this unity that can not be avoided. Reid, a great friend of Kaepernick, has been trying to realize many times that Kap has to play football. But one would think Kaepernick would have a problem. play for a team that some think some are a racially surname against a racial group on the outskirts. Some of them may be a little inconvenience, but Kaepernick is clear to stick to its values, whether you agree with those who want to exercise their rights Equal for all or not. It is reasonable to ask how comfortable he would play for the Washington football team.

In the second place, there would only be a decision to Bruce Allen and Doug Williams to register Adrian Peterson in August. The owner of the Dan Snyder team should also be able to; All the content of his & hers; the summit. Remember that Snyder says that the person in these famously unprivileged players who met last year illegally outlines that "96% of Americans want to standing "for their national hymn, according to ESPN.

And that's going to the third and last journal. The subject that would be the case anywhere else in particular to be a case in the country's capital. President Donald Trump would make Kaepernick a & # 39; D.C. team is concerned, with a person holding $ 1 million for the Trump campaign.

The tweets! O lord, the tweets! At 5:30 a.m. Convener to Fox and Friends to complain about the most recent resident in the area. Two Gods Making Great American America Again scheduled for November 26 in Mississippi. You thought it was something; in the "son of the guys"? Look at how he misses a man who is looking for equal protection by law for both black and brown people.

Washington will not affect this and we do not know why. Do not think for a moment when Washington is going to Kaepernick, it's so good! The best of the football team.

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