Perhaps there is a young woman from Oregon who is 99 years of age has died without knowing that many of her orders were just where they were.

It is thought that Rose Marie Bentley is the oldest with a rare name called situs inversus with levocardia, meaning that her heart was in the right place, but her liver and other body grew. pushed on the left side of his body – against a normal human experience.

Medical students at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland discovered Bentley positions in a full anatomy class in spring. Cameron Walker, an expert professor, said that his students first noticed the construction of the dishes in Bentley's chest loudly, but did not understand the extent of change afterwards in the semester.

Rose Marie Bentley, seen here in an almost endless photograph towards the end of her life, was probably 99 years old without knowing that she has a rare rare plant called situs inversus with levocardia. (Image: Courtesy of Bentley family)

“When we looked at members inside her womb – which has the sugar organs – they were totally changed,” Walker said. “I have never seen it before and the students were all so exciting.” T

An external version of levocardia occurs in around 1 in 22,000 births and the apportionment is generally poor, according to a published survey in Scotland. Singapore Medical Journal. There are only two recorded cases of patients with this illness living in their 70s, according to the research.

Walker measures that only one in every 50 million people born with Bentley's state live long enough to be adults. Although these bodies are usually associated with a very serious poor heart, he said that Bentley's heart was in a good shape.

Bentley's family told the university that the mountain was the only theological agreement she had suffered, and that despite the removal of three organs during her life, only the surgeon registered. an appendix to his note is unusual.

Bentley, a mother of five, enjoyed working with her church and at her animal storage resource she ran with her husband James, according to her death. His daughter, Louise Allee, told the university that her mother was in love for this attention.

“My mother thought it was so cool,” said Allee. “She would be shocked that she could teach something like this. Perhaps she would have a big smile on her face, hoping she was different, but she made it through. ”

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