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AOC Award and a black eye for Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio

AHis plans to leave part of his second headquarters in the city of New York have been pushed out in the city of New York, saying that there is a huge challenge from state and local lawyers.

This is a political impact for the Senator Michael Mianaris, D-Queens, and the Representative of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. It is also a big loss to the Government. Andrew Cuomo and Prime Minister Bill de Blasio, who both brought their moon and stars into the online shop in the Big Big.

Then again, "win" might come with a star by side. Gianaris and Ocasio-Cortez may have been on their way, and get political figures far more powerful, but at the expense of around 25,000 jobs expected to be sold by Amazon. take part of the town.

"After much thought and debate, we have decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters for Amazon in the Long Island City, Queens," said Amazon in a statement .

He said, "While bills show that 70 per cent of New Yorkers support our plans and invest, a number of national and local politicians have made it clear they are opposed to our presence and we will not work with us to identify the kind of relationships needed to go ahead with the project that we and many others have seen in Long Island. "

Ocasio-Cortez, which is often stated by the contract, it hit on Thursday.

"Everything is possible: today, a group of New Yorkers, their daily neighbors and their neighbors, and the Amazon anti-corporate projection, use its staff, and the power of the richest man in the world, " Her office was sad at social mediaSouth Westerly

It is not clear where the 25,000 jobs are going to be done. Amazon's decision could doubled its investment in Crystal City, Va., But it may be possible to post its posts to Nashville.

At any stage, despite the great corporate benefit that was involved, New York did not make sense in the case; First, as well as the potential benefits of getting up to Wall Street. Townships have huge taxes, tremendous abilities, terrible public transport, accommodation restraint, high cost for staff (which means that the company needs to pay more. And that they would still be more poorer), and lawyers opposed to attack.

Amazon would be better off to & # 39; basically established anywhere else in the USA. You may have to try one of those towns outside the north west, or the right state to the work without income tax. The Lord knows that some of these towns could use a major economic growth as the Amazon headquarters.

Cuomo and Blasio need to be wild to see their efforts to the Amazon court have risen in fog. Because of the size of their $ 3 billion package, they just have a & # 39; They offer their company, only for their destruction, they are looks very handsome and urgent. In the future, companies that are looking at New York are going to Give all reasons for making greedy applications. The matter had been scattered in such revenge, and it seemed to have inspired such a number of exciting campaigns to the Amazon in terms of the number of posts he has promised to the area, he was a giving food to the former state officials. Cuomo made his case; Better to keep a democratic counterpart in a line, but it was not necessary.

When it was first reported that Amazon was thinking about being & # 39; supported by New York, the government opposed the opposition, telling Washington Post that he was coming from "a small group of politicians who are increasingly grow. "

Its "very little" group is below to & # 39; including Gianaris, which serves the state board with a final statement on the approval of the Amazon agreement. Gianaris was connected to his case with a number of community activists and home officers.

"The problem of the State Set has taken on that situation, and that is what Amazon can stop. And if they do, I would not wanted to be a grandfather to return to my area to explain why Amazon left, "said Cuomo in an attempt that was saved to calmly attack the Amazon attack.

The government said elsewhere in a news conference, "You want to expand your economy? You do not want to be just Wall Street and finance? We need Amazon."

Maybe. But Amazon probably does not need you, Cuomo.

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