Battlefield V Players Claim Checking A Menu Freezes The Game


Some Battlefield V players are posting on Reddit and the official forums that checking the assignments menu while in a game session freezes their game.

Assignments are functionally quests in Battlefield V, and they can be as simple as doing a certain amount of damage with a gun type and as complicated as doing several class-based tasks. You can track a few assignments on the pause screen at any given time, but there is the chance that you might want to see more than you are currently displaying. To do so, you'd pause the game, scroll down, and click on the assignments menu.

In a Reddit thread titled "Do NOT check assignments in the middle of the game, there is a chance your game will get stuck," players have been sharing their stories of an odd glitch that freezes Battlefield V when looking at the assignments menu while playing a match. It's no more complicated than that. Apparently there's just some kind of chance of that happening for some percentage of the population.

I've personally had this glitch happen two times while playing on the Xbox One, once while playing the Conquest game mode and once while playing Team Deathmatch. I had assumed that maybe my launch console was getting up there in years and was struggling with the newer game, but apparently it is something happening to players across all of the platforms that the game has launched on.

The second time was particularly terrifying because, for whatever reason, the game began emitting a high-pitched screech until my console auto-closed Battlefield V. It was odd.

Having this happen is kind of a hassle. A player must quit the game somehow, relaunch it, and get back in a match. On my Xbox One, that's four or five minutes to reboot and connect to a new server. It is not pleasant.

So if you're playing Battlefield V, maybe only check out your assignments in the main menu. Hopefully this will be addressed in a patch soon.

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