Carolyn Hax: Working out around a mental health mom

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Dear Carolyn: I am the youngest sister. She spent 10 days at my recent visit house, and we had a wonderful time. She is too busy and she is worried about how he will organize it, so I spent this week to teach her how to do it; work out, be active and make healthier food choices. She is passionate about getting healthy when she gets home but she's worried about my mother.

Our whole family is too heavy. There is a history of serious attacks, blood clots, diabetes and other health issues. My sister and I want to avoid them. My mother refuses to buy a healthy food, think it works out well and women should not have muscles or "be shady" – not that I suggest – and that's what they're doing. Caring your body a sinner and making it an idol.

I do not stay at home and can buy my own grocery and work out. Obviously, I still do not have that ability. How can I make my mother see the real risks in & # 39; fight my sister's turns to get healthy? I do not want my sister's body to have a poor image and hate myself as I did.

– Sister quiet

Sister Sister: Yay for you You're really cool.

(Nick Galifianakis / for The Washington Post)

However, "My mother refuses to buy a healthy food [and] think. The South-West is to take care of your sinner body "? I think this is the exact explanation of a lost cause. Because, wow.

Non-tolerance, you can settle through education – willfully The ignorance of the choice that is truly religious in something is clearly contrary to a factory, and not in an educational subject or even to stand. It would include training, if that's even practical, practical, or your place.

Your sister's time is not for this. She now has a way to look after her so that she can rule under (and over and over) your mother's rules.

So when she asked, teaching her about contributions, talking about nutrition, and home-based health opportunities, such as a school luncheon and a wealth of resources such as nuts and seeds and seltzers. Help her get her exercise through everyday work – walking, gardening, working around the house – and her own moments. She can make recordings and YouTube in her room, not it? Just for example.

These tools can benefit your sister starting today, where her & The Make Mother See project.

Readers also recommended:

● A regular Skype / FaceTime phone where you are doing yoga together, or not being an exercise user.

● Talk to her school nurse. A healthy program may have a low or low cost weight loss throughout her school?

● Submit her gift cards for healthy eating options.

To ensure that she is & # 39; get emotional support, and explain how you can access a number of domains of dysfunction; adults with school councilors, teachers, relatives, etc., if a person is taken away by your mother.

● Incentive to & # 39; participating in a dance, who would "appear voidly" to the Mother. In time, you may be able to be a sponsor for school or homework.

● There are a number of good applications and online resources to help you learn about how to count counteracts.

● Design applications are designed for people who do not have access to equipment.

Good stuff, everyone, thank you.

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