CHRIS WATTS MURDER COLORADO: Leannan daughter of a man who killed a woman, daughters: "It was difficult about everything."


COLORED – A man of Colorado's sweetheart has been guilty of killing a woman who was pregnant with a child and two young girls had publicly spoken about the case for her. first time.

"It was difficult about everything," said Nichol Kessinger, 30, to the Denver Post.

Christopher Watts was guilty guilty of the week in which all the cases in his murder were killed in August, his wife, who was heavy, Shanann Watts, 34, and Celeste, 3 and Bella girls, 4.

One month before the death, Chris Watts, 33, began to go to Kessinger, and she told her; newspaper.

They met through work in June, she said.

Chris Watts told Kessinger that she had two daughters and was almost partially divorced, almost finished, Kessinger said.

"I believed," she said to her; newspaper.

Their corporate relationship began in early July and the couple saw up to five times a week, Kessinger told Post, although she said she never met anyone from family or friends .

At the end of July, Chris Watts told her that her final divorced divorce, Kessinger told the report, which was released on Thursday Thursday.

In mid-August, Chris Watts spoke to reporters, saying that his wife and daughters had not been discovered.

"My children are my life," he told ABC Denver affiliate KMGH. "I mean, they are shouting my life."

Chris Watts made a text on Kessinger that his wife gave the girls to the playoff and he did not return – he did not appear without feeling incapable, and she said to her; newspaper.

When the media began to report the problem of people missing, Kessinger said it was horrible to have a " find out that her lover is still married to a woman who was 15 weeks pregnant.

"I thought," If I could not lie down and see something that was big, what was it lying? "She told the Post.

Kessinger told the paper that she looked at her lover with questions but said he would try to change the subject.

Kessinger said she was at the end working on researchers about her relationship with Chris Watts.

"I just wanted help," she told the newspaper. "A heavy woman with two children missing, I was going to do anything I could."

Within dead men, Chris Watts was arrested and his wife and family's body was found.

Kessinger told the newspaper, since she was arrested, she had no doubt that he committed the crimes.

Chris Watts is convicted on Monday after convicted of all charges against him: five accounts of murder in the first stage; Three accounts of causing a human body to be disturbed; and one account of illegal completion of being heavy.



As an alternative to the guilty case, the prosecution will not be able to; the death penalty, said Weld County District Attorney's office. The victims' family agreed to those terms, the district advocacy office was added.

Watts take up to life in prison without being able to speak.

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