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Clippers & Doc Rivers will be & # 39; use working time to identify Mavs & Dirk Nowitzki

LOS ANGELES – Dirk Nowitzki did not think why LA colleagues had a time-consuming doc Rivers with 9.4 seconds; left and his team with nine Monday night points.

The stream rationalization grew clear two times after he walked to the board of the scooter, he raised the public convener's microphone and praised Nowitzki, the amazing face of the Dallas Mavericks license in the 21st his season.

"Dirk! Dirk!" Rivers were going on, & # 39; move to the Staples population to show that they were valued by her & # 39; a crowd who played a & # 39; His last game in the field, and then show Nowitzki. "Let's let go! Let's go! Let's go!"

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"It's one of the most current, Dirk Nowitzki!"

Nowitzki, who was standing in paint, responded with humorous smile and clothes up to Rivers. He then added to the crowd because he got a good view, with Rivers and Breakers who came together with the fans; welcome him. A number of builders came to Nowitzki to give her a long-term congratulations to her and her face was over, follow.

"It was sweet. I'm very grateful," said Nowitzki after the Mavericks' defeat for the Clippers. "Initially, I was like that," Why does Doc who occupy time enough? What is it? do with him [9.4] left left? What does it rise? & # 39; Then he grabbed the sons. I did not understand much, but that was very unhappy. That was emotional awareness. "

Nowitzki met on a milestones Monday, playing in the 1,500th post game, & # 39; playing behind Robert Parish, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and John Stockton in the history of the NBA. Nowitzki was holding a ball game.

Rivers said he did not express it, but allowed the opportunity to send Nowitzki, and it was difficult that he did for Dwyane Wade to retire when Miami Heat had previously visited.

"That was just, we were a leader and I had time," said Rivers. "Honestly, I did not plan it. I just felt it was desirable.

"You know what's funny, is it Miami? I thought we did not give it [Dwyane] Wade, as it was a close game and I thought they won the game and Wade played as it should play another five years – so I did not; Let's let that happen again. I just had done it. "

Mavs Rick Carlisle's coach thanked Rivers for their activist when they had a short conversation after their initials. game.

"This is one of the biggest things I've seen," said Carlisle. "I know there's more memories like that, but it was original. I did not see something like this."

This continues on an unofficial full track for Nowitzki, who had 12 points and five recursions in a 26-day dinner review. Although he has still decided on his return to the next season, Nowitzki has been treated as a genre in areas around the NBA, as well as being appointed as a special special recreation along with Wade for her All-Star Game.

Nowitzki initially noticed that the special remedy during the time of winning Mavericks was over Charlotte Hornets, when fans sang "We want Dirk!" in the last minutes. He describes the concerts in Boston, Indiana and New York, which are especially memorable.

"They make me a decision, I'm thinking," said Nowitzki, laughing. "We can see what the rest of the season is doing, but it's been good. I mean, emotionally in some of these buildings. The reception from fans has been very good.

ESPN & Ohsh Youngmisuk added this report.

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