Commuter Rail train wheel came through the morning comput


A wheel of the Commuter Rail train, causing a fall on the Fitchburg Line on Tuesday morning, Keolis reinforced.

A company, which is a & n; The Commuter Rail system runs for the MBTA, saying that the problem was missing on; coach car from 404 train around 7:45 a.m. None of the 800 passengers or members of the train team were injured.

Passengers were terminated to other trains to complete their morning breakfast. A mast was used to reconstruct the car, which was transferred to the Boston Engine Terminal that was inspected.

"The vehicle in the question and the same components will be held to make detailed analysis," Keolis wrote in a statement.

Keolis said that Commuter Rail coach cars, including wheels, are checked daily.

"As a result of this event and as a precautionary step, every single coach with the same equipment is now underway and it is expected to be ready before the beginning of the night," Keolis wrote. "In addition, the route where this has been done has been scrutinized to ensure continuous trains are safe throughout this area."

It is anticipated that the post-delayed Fitchburg Line will be settled before they start at night, said the officers.

"The safety of our customers and our staff is the highest priority," said MBTA General Manager, Luis Manuel Ramírez, in a statement given by Keolis. "We appreciate patient patience and co-operation at this event, and I would like to thank our teams for their efforts to bring Reuter Rail back to full service. "


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