Cowboys vs. Falcons: 5 collision results that helped get 22-19 from Dallas

The Cowboys were secured on Sunday when they hit the Falcons on the road, with a final score of 22-19. Although the head of Dallas Jason Garrett did not make his team easy, Atlanta Quinn had a coach for help.

A unique case was saved for unusual decisions and quizzing calls for the final two minutes of the main NFC showdown. The Cowboys and Falcons burned their timeouts, attacked big plays, and finally they were killed on a 42-cow player who was winning a game when Losa was away from re- the wild start of Atlanta. But Garrett's pre-conservation player may have been sending her & her; This game is premature if it is not for some uncertain times Falcon.

This is how everything opened.

1. With the Cowboys watching the third one and fifteen out of their own 30 with 98 seconds left, the Falcons, Dan Quinn competition, birth to burn first time

It is a power move. Quinn is confident enough to defend her to believe they can stop here. He is willing to give an additional 20-hour time for the Cowboys for their third-and-mid converters as he thinks he is & # 39; Believe to & # 39; died to Matt Ryan at 1:30 p.m. and two times now a situation is more valuable than giving Ryan the ball with 1:05 left and three times.

Instead, the Cowboys change the third place, with 90 seconds and three hours left, they are not really a real feeling. following game. With time to shoot, the next three players are growing for 30 yards.

2. First introduced down at Atlanta 30 with 34 seconds; attack, Dallas is preparing to run out against Ezekiel Elliott

Garrett is fired by his own power movement. He is so confident in his first year, Brett Maher, that he is willing to Run a clock down before giving a visit to the second, 45+ record. He should not have felt that Maher lost a 52-against Washington match playground that started 47-yard break before a start-up penalty was less than a month earlier. Or Maher had already been missing two trips from the 40-49 yard field. Garrett has not learned anything, and he wants to make sure that Quinn knows this.

3. With Dallas saying he expects to visit his & her; Plan for a long time and 29 seconds in the game, Quinn will take his second trip

But Quinn is not happy to let the Cowboys break the ball from 46 yards. He takes Atlanta's second trip away, hoping he can erase the ball from Ezekiel Elliott only internal management has been "NOT FUMBLE." Elliott had been playing earlier in the game, but that was just 10th in 855 a & n; affecting the NFL. Accepting that Dallas will 50% of his shoes jump, which will allow the Falcons a bit out of 171 to split a & # 39; ball on the second.

Elliott is more likely to get a few yards that are. making it easier to do even if it's easier or even to visit Maher's field trip. break through the run line and run in a 30-garden touchdown.

4. Quinn has been convicted of a garrett to cast the ball and removal either by visiting or arranging a better range of ranges. Garrett goes back to conservation up to the center of Elliott.

"No thanks, Dan," Garrett says basically. "We're either winning here with a 45-yard garden or hits." He wants the safest game in his book that Dak Prescott would have to take a knee. Elliott will be forwarded for 2 yards.

5. With its member 26 and 24 seconds left Atlanta, Quinn is a member; takes the third time and his last time

Quinn is trying to try fortune again before he comes down. It is only successful in & # 39; giving him an extra 2-yards when Elliott's final game takes the ball to the middle of his field at a 24-yard ATL line. This gives a straight-to-face, 42-yard attempt to nerve wind at an Atlanta stadium.

So, at this point, Garrett has been expecting to set up for a long-distance visit. Quinn, who is capable of accepting, shoots two times in the hope of going to her. confirm him how he is. All this is going to do to & # 39; Turn a 46-yarder asthma target to 42-yarder. Garrett is aiming at Elliott, his current 228-pound sheet in the football game with every mother's elephant; protect her youth, into the center of her line.

And did these four rods add a difference? He is sure to look at that way.

Maher breaks down slides inside the right. Add 4 other rods to that blow, and it seems that it's either a # 39; Cutting the point of view or going right. However, he lost a 46-yard, truly, winning a 42-yard game. And we can be grateful to some badly bad performers from all sides of the Sunday field.

At the end, Garrett got her. and he hoped to playoff rehabilitation at 5-5. The 4-6 Falcons would have to reconsider their postseason plans and take deep into their time management concepts. Quinn played a long time in her & # 39; game, protect its complaint to build strips or stop. At the end, the extra plays he created only did it out how quickly & # 39; and helped the Cowboys escape from Georgia to win.

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