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Donald Trump will provide a letter of application for fees

"This is a mountain and people would be willing to die."

Richard Neal, Chairman of the Procedures and Household Appraisals Committee, asked for a period of six years of Trump personal tax pages from the Service Intranet Service in a letter on Wednesday.

The officer said that the "administration" was not to "add the fine" to convert future tenants' rent statements in the Oval Office, fixing the Democrats House from Neal as " Abuses of Drugs and the Public Transport to seek the views of the household speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"They don't have much right for it," said the officer, who also told Trump that he was not distributing his taxes.

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Trump has booked the Arlington company, Arlington, with Consovoy McCarthy Park PLLC to represent the organization.

Solicitor William Consovoy argued in a statement on Friday that the claims for Trump information "which are not going to be compliant with governing law, will not trigger any statutory purpose, and are so threats to the normal conduct of investigations. "

In Wednesday's application, Neal mentioned an unknown IRS code. Under IRS 6103 code, the Joint Committee has only authority on Taxes, the chairman Ways and Means House and the chair of the Senate Finance Committee to seek an individual's tax information.

However, in a detailed letter to the General Department of Treasury's advice on Friday, Consovoy said "an important authority owns the committee authority," he said, referring to the tax code, "which was sent to practitioners. T normal fees and the President. "

Consovoy said that Neal has "no valid committee reason" to claim tax returns, adding that Neal "is a clear attempt by one political party to disturb an official from the other party because they are not keen on his politics t and his lecture. "

Publicize to Trump's request for tax; setting dangerous status # 39; and complain about IRS equipment being carried out separately
The Democrats' claim was also reprimanded by Controversial Republicans, with Republican Chief Executive Kevin McCarthy, warning him that "he is threatening the dangers of using the federal government as political weapons" and t delete the motion as "time span."

Trump himself posed a question on Thursday afternoon to discuss whether he would inform the IRS commissioner not to comply with the conference request for his tax pages.

“They are speaking to my lawyers and they will talk to the lawyer in general,” said Trump to reporters from the Oval Office.

And on Friday, when he was asked if he was confident that the Democrats would be able to keep it from getting tax, he told Trump: "Oh, I don't know. That's up." I don't know it. I don't know, I am under review but that is up to the person it is from. I understand from the law.

The IRS is still responding to the request, which is likely to trigger months or years of legal battles. The next step would be for the Treasury to be consulted on how to deal with the situation, perhaps with the involvement of the Legal Department's Legal Adviser.

"We will see you in court," said the administrative officer. T

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