Dorsey: Condoleezza Rice does not choose to work HC Browns

The Cleveland Browns are aiming to research under each stone for a new coach. However, the old Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice can not be considered.

In response to a ESPN report that the Browns are trying to interview the 64-year-old Rice, John Dorsey's general manager refused his opinion.

"The former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a good director, who has the highest possible talent and also as a Browns supporter," said Dorsey in a statement. "Everything she has achieved is very much respected and respected and has respected her for the first time earlier this season. Our coaching research will be detailed and but we still continue to list the candidates and the Secretary It is not possible to debate Rice. "

Rice is a big football fan with deep deep knowledge of the sport. In the end, the former Secretary of State has made an NFL partner who could be one day, but he does not know that he is a similar job who was in anything that she would be interested in continuing.

Dorsey said he had been burning Hue Jackson that Cleveland would Each type of candidate for the profession considers attention to age, gender or experience. The debate on Rice was considered – even though it was clearly denied – describing its & # 39; believes that the Browns want to be creative when they are the seventh training leader of 2005.

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