Driving A Thanksgiving? You may have some trips at your gas pump

But gas prices locally have not fallen as much as other parts of the country


If you are choosing a trains of trains, planes and tournaments this holiday season, you're lucky: Washington's gas prices have dropped ahead of the Thanksgiving week.

According to AAA, gas prices in the state have grown from a month ago, an average of $ 3.41 across the country. That looks slightly different according to where you are – there is a current $ 3.53 in Seattle, Tacoma is sitting at $ 3.42, and $ 3.46 at Olympia – but these places All about ten cents were devolved in the & # 39; last month.

Still, that's not the best thing you can do.

The average national average price is $ 2.68 per gallon last week, down 7 cents from the previous week and 24 cents per gallon in the last month, according to GasBuddy. But although some states have dropped out more than 30 cents in the last month, both GasBuddy and AAA are Showing only about 10 cents displayed in the & # 39; latest month.

CREATING: Seattle holiday season tourists and other options are better

That means that our state is still in a position; Sitting about a top dollar where there is a national average – higher than GasBuddy names us as the highest prices in the country.

Even the minimum maintenance prices can still be maintained, although some analysts believe there is a time to change that.

"Indeed, its average has been slower to fall to Seattle, but I expect that this will change with increasing prices in the coming weeks," said Patrick DeHaan , high-quality petrol analysis of fuel-seeking appliances, GasBuddy, and KING 5.

"I now see four Costco in the Seattle metro area at $ 2.99, and I expect the number of stations below $ 3 to become a bigger list over the next week."

Is that true? Probably. But it may not affect too many holiday plans; You already know if you're going to have to go up then & # 39; Subaru to get to Grandmother's house.

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