E. coli breaks: Ground beef is responsible, CDC says

"Sick people in this situation say they are eating beef at home and in restaurants," said the CPC in his renovation.

No single provider, administrator or marker is defined as the basis of the outcome. Therefore, memory has not been given, and the CDC does not suggest that users avoid land use at this time or that restaurants are no longer using it.

Diseases are now reported in six states: Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Indiana.
This is one further state and a further 13 illnesses since the CDC reported on the last update on Tuesday.

As part of the survey health researchers have revealed 75 of the people who have reported illness. Four hundred and four beef on the ground a week before their signals began, according to the CDC.

Symptoms include heavy lumps of stomach, diarrhea and absorption. They start, on average, three or four days after they've picked up the bacteria. Most pass in five to seven days. The first indicators which were reported from this situation began in March 2.

Seventeen patients were admitted to hospital as a result of the illness.

Veterinary, state and local health officers continue to investigate.

In the meantime, the CPC will remind customers to stop E. coli washing hands, producing on beef onto an inner temperature of 160 degrees, and the nervous system. as is measured by the meat thermometer, and the culling of meat which is not cooked from raw meat meat to stop a cross. -Transport.

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