Eat Up! Average Average Thanksgiving Dinner Fees Less than the Year


Hanna Bogorowski | Reporter

The American American Bureau Federation's annual review of traditional food prices showed Thanksgiving reduction in the average family dinner price.

"Since 2015, the average Gratitude Diet cost has been declining regularly and is now at the lowest level since 2010," said Dr. John Newton, Chief Economist of AFBF in a statement.

The survey, which counts on the cost of classic Display food such as Turkey, sweet potatoes, bread seals, cranberries, a variety of pumpkin pieces and more, show that this year's average cost of food is $ 48.90 for 10 years.

That is less than $ 5 per person, and a 22% decrease from the previous year average of $ 49.12.

The Thanksgiving dinner style, the Turkish, cost slightly less this year this year, entering $ 21.71 for a 16-point trip and down three percent from 2017.

The AFBF survey stated that this is the lowest price that a person who purchases turmoil from 2014 can.

"Thank you very much, Turkey is still accessible to consumers, which will help keep the overall cost of the dinner dinner too," said Newton.

The biggest price was; for the turkey, a gallon of milk at $ 2.92, three pounds of sweet potatoes at $ 3.39, one pound of noodles of $ 1.47 and twelve rolls at $ 2.25, according to AFBF.

Holding in for inflation, it's a? This cost for this year's dinner is more sensible than in 1986, when it was $ 65.73, finding AFBF. (ACCOUNTABILITY: US $ 250,000 jobs, 3% Salary Growth Criteria for the first time in almost ten years)

"The service is still an accessible food for Americans across the country at less than $ 5 per person for their classical taste," said Newton. "Food prices have been fairly flat in the US for a number of years."

AFBF received these prices by bringing 166 volunteer buyers in 37 states to the best prices in gross stores without going to # 39; using special coupons or purchases.

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