Fast will take Huskers after going to & # 39; fighting with Michigan State


(Photograph: Bruce Thorson, SA WATER Sport)

You knew an hour before the game after your breakfast dropped due to two things: there was a lackless cold wind in Lincoln and JD Spielman did not look in uniform.

This is not the recipe that the Huskers would like to take to family dinner, so you knew you met a ball with a 11-pence wind penny that it was a day when there was no chance to style.

So, draw on your share of Carved Outbone and get ready for hosting combats.

It was the game type that was; there – the co-kind of Michigan State game coach was a dream of the previous night. And even that Nebraska lost back. It was a snowfall in the highest day. Do you make it ugly? Nebraska will take this kind of horrible thing all day long.

And, in fact, it was not ugly for the protection of Erik Chinander and Barret Pickering. They have been uncertain. They won the Nebraska games.

Here are some ideas outside the world with much more broadcast to the left-handed broadcast.


What about Pickering to brush his way into your heart?

Three for three, with 47-yarder in the snowy snowy enough. There were doubts about the true plaster but he won many points on himself on Saturday.

He got these nine points for the Huskers.

We're not going to go; named Alex Henery or anything else, but the children who had never had the team know if they did not know; See that the target of the hour was. You got fun, right?

Erik Chinander's protection is split into a gun, but they stand up and down in this one.

Even when they did not disappoint, like to # 39; attacking his odd casualties to & # 39; Calling Lamar Jackson on the final driver, they rose to meet the moment.

Michigan State protection we were in; think he was talented and hard. Nebraska's defense was just as bad as this game.

I'm going to do it again myself later, but what's it? played by Antonio Reed on High Day.

This is a man who has given this rough season a few minutes – such as the uncomfortable punishment of behavior at the end of the Colorado game.

But it was a game modifier in this game. He had a pipe and put off a fumble and it was around the field that fired hard stacking. His position on the blitz was just the Nebraska shot in a game where points were to be played; is going to be struggling, a & # 39; Uus the Huskers is a member of the USS 20.

Reed is a man who is in Reed; hot running, and that this rough game type was just like his style just.

The lack of TD after the revival fumble will kill this crime in a film review.

After the third-and-9 run-up run to Devine Ozigbo, which took the Spanish out of watch, Nebraska was the first time and at the time 2. And then …

Unlocking to try to release a tight end but it's not a problem; got anything. Morgan was watching but thrown away. Should a banner be there? Probably.

But he was disappointed. that Huskers could not give it power there with his / her; minute. Michigan State Run defense was just as advertised.

Frost made a big decision before the half started, and he could win the game.

The state of Michigan took the ball to start the third season. Frost also gave them a wind, saving him for his team in his; fourth quarter.

He was rescued by his 3-in-law, and Nebraska was a member for himself 46.

The conditions set, with a wind between 15 and 20 mph and a & # 39; enjoying up to 33 meters, I had a lot of memory when the Huskers played in Iowa City in 2012.

In these games, you sometimes want to try to keep even in the # 39; Fourth you face the wind and benefit when you get it. Mark Dantonio even called a time until he went for a third part down with his wind on his back; first half, to comment on how big it was on coaches' minds.

Nebraska went through the third quarter against the wind, with the score still 3-0, and then was able to hang there and spartans to a field of driver that entered the fourth season. In all, Frost's decision decided to benefit that one. If you had told him at half, he was going to go down 6-0 with 12:13 left and wind on his back, think he would take it.

There was a third-and-1 failure to steal that in Nebraska.

After a & # 39; Husker offender who worked hard to get out of his own, Stanley Morgan gets the first game game in the middle of the third season to move from their 2.

But on third-and-1 out of the 41, just as it seemed like Devine Ozigbo was going to prefer, the Huskers were filled. Now, NU has changed the work on the driver's field. Conversion, however, may have been diverted at least one or more minutes or more from the third quarter while there was NO; play against the wind.

You thought it would cost Nebraska at the time.

Matt Dotson, the tight head of the State of Michigan, spent some of his big points.

He allowed a passport to be made 10-0 early in the fourth quarter. He was in the same zone where he had a penalty of 15-yards in the second season that his team sent to a harder goal in their area and lost.

Add it and there may be seven error points on two plays.

Stanley Morgan rescued a patient, and got a career record.

A reward worthy of a player who always worked on his tail even through bad results. The 35-guard behaved in the second half of the Husker crime that he did.


The Huskers did not finish and did not finish.

That's the quickest way to explain your first 30 minutes. The Spartans met hard, and the Huskers dropped the ball four times and lost two. A man came at the center of the field and a man came inside them.

Even long & # 39; as he was going out either, but the two stocks at Huskers were twice installed on the # 39; a quarter of rods that were killed. One of them went to the State of Michigan 27. Frost went for his fourth and fourth against the wind, but Martinez had no place to go and his way was uncertain to the turf.

It is the fourth quarter failure that hurts Martinez more. On a quarter-and-8 from 33, Stanley Morgan broke open. A brutal day to throw the ball, but the Huskers just got what they wanted. He is six if thrown on a target. It was destroyed well.

He continued the other chance of the play just before. At third-and-9, the Huskers had run a QB target. A very good call! there. They beat their Michigan states if … the swimmer for the quarterback is better and Boe Wilson gets a better block for a man. The block that was lost successfully turned into work.

They can not get Morgan to go.

And it did not seem that the Huskers did not throw it. He threw the ball 22 times and ran 14 times in the first half. But NU finished only nine of these routes and there were none to Number 8, which is odd because Morgan is just the kind of person in a defense that does not want to get involved in day like this.

Should Nebraska have to run it bigger?

Some may have thought Martinez was just 9-of-22 for 74 yards in those conditions in the # 39; first half. Devine Ozigbo built eighteen hours for 33 yards.

In defending the game call, Michigan State is the best defender in the country and the Huskers are also in a position; think if they could be & # 39; Playing one or two times, however, it could make every difference.

Despite this, Michigan State protection has not been circulated this week. They are physical and sensible, and sometimes somewhat dirty. They would be hard on a 65-step day and no air cloud, without feeling one with those conditions.

The biggest signal for respect for Spartan protection came at the end of the first half: some Husker fans left the puddles with 1:35 away in half and 0 still aboard the Nebraska.

Husker protection showed ready for blue brawls.

They took 129 yards in the first half and kept the Michigan State to less than 100 before the last driver.

It was to keep the Spartans up to 0 after Martinez was suddenly fumbled in his & her; A big red belt in a game like this.

Especially, Antonio Reed left me. He came to be hit, and he hit fumble but he almost all moved greatly to the big capture of Nebraska in the MSU borders. The Huskers could not just steal that made by the State of Michigan.

And if they're third and 8, they want back at the end of the second half, where the Huskers would allow Rocky Lombardi to draw for 24 to keep the Michigan State from & # 39; returned to Nebraska deeply independently.

This is one of the sneaky big plays. The quarterback running game continues to & # 39; disturbing Nebraska.

But it's hard to fight with a & # 39; The group Erik Chinander made the first two quarters when your team only ranges three points.

The executives lost this one for a short time.

They let them have a & # 39; get too much chippy, content is not required to broadcast and do not throw anything on plays that resembled penalties – as Stanley Morgan is going to do; Going into the chalkc outside the Michigan State back on a pound.

They then called uncomfortable behavior on Mo Barry when he tried to remove Spartan that was just sitting on Dicaprio Bootle. If this is not seen as something Homerific, it is surprising why they would have to make a banner on the tight end of the State of Michigan for a short time after the third outbreak down later in the series.

A great deal, because he did not. Bringing the Spartans back 15 yards and the outgoing visit went out of her & # 39; mail post

These calls were acquired by home followers. And there was some commitment in the Nebraska-Miami 2014 in the way the two sides did not seem to look after each other.

What's up to date?

There may be other cold brawl in just six days. But Nebraska will meet this week in good spirits. It's a chance to win five of the last six. And there is high confidence. Hit snow angels for everyone.

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