Forecasts for Cold Thanksgiving for many of New York

Airplane from Canada introduces poor levels that breaks files to Department; Burgh of Thanksgiving.

Local temperatures are expected to be locally and, going to 24 degrees – one step lower than the table set up on November 22, 1880.

To hit the & # 39; A record for the coldest Thanksgiving is ever harder. The record for the Coldest Acquisition in the Capital Department was set up in 1901 degrees at 1901.

For George Regan, an event leader on the 71th Trot Troy Turkey, it will be a concern for 8 a.m. racing season for the 10K race. It is expected to reach 13 low levels Wednesday to Thursday.

Regan said he ordered a heater for the finish line and the refrigerator, and a heating tent will be set near the start line at the streets of Fourth and Fulton. Although it is anticipated that the cold will obstruct the normal number of 7,000-plus dyes from attending, Regan said that the beautiful air and sunlit settings could make the race unique.

"If you're a funny person, you should definitely come out," said Regan. "When bad dona is like this, something amazing is happening."

At the same time, the Adirondacks temperature is even colder. Time 0700 hours 1000 hours 1300 hours 1600 hours Night Weather Conditions Light Cloud Light Cloud Light Cloud Light Cloud Light Cloud Temperature (° C / ° F) 10 ° C 50 ° F (Likely High)

Although the sunny art is a christmas holiday, the weather is very uncomfortable God's night

Snowflakes appear to appear on Wednesday night in the Program Department, as well as the west to Syracuse and north through the Adirondacks.

Joe Cebulko, an expert in the National Weather Service in Albany, said snow could fall into heavy accidents. Any speed limitations are restricted by extremely cold temperatures, slowing down roads.

"If that moves through the road and is not inches or inches and it melts it and melts it, you can take a few tract roads and frozen, "said Cebulko.

However, geese appears to be clear on Wednesday night to drive drivers; travel south of Poughkeepsie and east to Massachusetts.

AAA reports that Giant Thanksgiving lasts 5 per cent of road travel – traveling across the US by plane, train, bus and car at the highest figures since 2005. The brochures also have a & # 39; means long delay in travel in the highest of the United States, such as City New York.

Highlight above is a day of day of Thanksgiving Day, with 11 levels at a low level.

Temperature will rise again Saturday in the capital, with a 40 degree high.

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