GoFundMe Case: A story featuring Johnny Bobbitt, Kate McClure and Mark D 'Amico was unresolved, saying that the procurator fiscal says


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The story about the GoFundMe decision that describes officers as evicted to take a new turn.

Now, a woman who has been accused in the scam is a # 39; Turning now the old brother and the old homeless man.

Her petitioners Friday night say she was using and established.

James Gerrow's order said: "It's an amazing person and the other side of that is that she's a bit weird."

MATTERS: The Prosecutor: The GoFundMe story was about a useful livestock

To listen to a lawyer Kate McClure telling her, she did not know that her old brother, Mark D & Amik and old-born, Johnny Bobbitt knew each other for a while.

"Kate did not think of the whole while D & Amik and Bobbitt always had a consensus for money through GoFundMe," said Gerrow.

She now says that D 'Amico did not have the whole story Bobbitt had helped with her last $ 20 after he got out of gas and was not true.

She went with him for one reason, "Indeed, Kate thought she was helping an elderly homeless," said Gerrow.

The $ 10,000 goal was built but the GoFundMe page was quickly overseas over $ 400,000. And then she says that this happened.

"And Bobbitt told Dinah Amico, show that you've done a lot for me, I want to give you $ 250,000," said Gerrow.

CREATING: Every GoFundMe money has gone away, saying, John Bobbitt says that a homeless person needs

Although the homeless man got some of the money, the two would go on to buy cars, touring to Disney Land and Vegas among other places.

But then the whole closed when the homeless man complained publicly that it was canceled.

At the end of the verification of researchers confirmed that a homeless warranty was sent out; Helping a quiet motorcycle is very tough.

McClure lawyer is sending a & # 39; Blames everything on Bobbitt and a Daughter who is suffering from badges.

"I think Mr D 'Amico is having a grievance problem and Mr Bobbitt is suffering a friend-heroin," he said.

McClure lawyer says that she and D 'Amico now have not been together and did not have them since September.

They have their first court appearance for December 24, Christmas Eve, although he says they do not appear to appear personally.

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